Sun Ingress in Aries 2018- Spring equinox

[:en]Ingress charts with  a fixed sign of the ASC at the moment of the Sun´s ingress in Aris, the Ingresschart has a validity of 12 months. Common signs require a second horoscope at the the ingress of the Sun in Libra while cardinal signs require a new chart at the beginn of each season . [1]

There are several ways to look at an ingress chart. Sahl teaches to examine the AC ruler, the exaltation ruler and the triplicity ruler of the rising sign[2]  and the Lord of the year, which is the strongest  planet in the chart, either angular or in an succedant sign. I am using whole sign houses (WSH). I have also been looking at the chart with Regiomontanus and Alcabitius but my impression is, that the chart is just clearer  in WSH.


The 2018 ingress has Virgo rising, a common sign. The sign is cold and dry but in the (Egyptian) terms of Jupiter, which adds some warmth and humidity, so Virgo will not be cold at is could be otherwise. Virgo is mutable, so things might change quickly this year or not be as they initially seem to be. The year starts cold and wet, but will tend to change quickly. However, this tendency to change applies to all major events this year and not only to the weather.

The AC ruler Mercury is in the 8th house in Aries, a hot and dry sign, in his own terms. Mercury adapts to the planets he is joined to, in this case Venus. She is modestly cold and wet, but in Aries this rather depicts a humid heat which results in close athmosphere and stuffy air. Mercuy is in a cardinal sign which inclines to “speed”, so the hot and stuffy climate will come soon. The position of Mercury in the 8th house makes this climate more oppressive and difficult to cope with.

Mercury´s next (and only) aspect is a conjunction with Venus. However, she is the benefic out of sect, peregrine and in the 8th house, which makes her pretty unfortunate. She rules the houses nine and  two, so we can expect to see problems coming up with public debt which will now become a major point in the goverments agendas.

In the case of Italy, for example,  foreign nations might become very influential on Italy´s debt politics. I wonder, how much influence Germany will gain, since Germany has Libra rising, a sign ruled by Venus who naturally represents women. Germany is  goverend by a woman and is the location of the European Central Bank. However, Venus is recieved in Mercury´s terms and her dispositor is applying to her, which does not make this meeting look like a “hostile acqusition” (feared by many Italians) but something which the country has asked for.

Nevertheless, Venus has not much influence or cannot do much due to her lack of dignities. In Hellenistic terms, she squares her dispositor Mars which just depicts a gap between intention and success. However, I would consider this aspect not only separative but already out of orb.

Besides the 1st house, Mercury also rules the 10th house of goverments.  His lack of further aspects, his avversion to the luminaries and his position in the 8th house suggest dispute of power and the difficulty  to built a serious goverment with excecutive power. The impression is that this year is  somewhat transitory, and  goals or objectivs  won´t be reached, because they have not been set or agreements are far from being found and no real leader (and thus operative goverment) has been elected. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in the 8th house which announces this semester to be quarrelsome, difficult and possibly dangerous, with the AC ruler in the 8th.

Since this chart is similar for most of the European countries, 2018 announces to be a difficult year for European politics.

The exaltation ruler of Virgo is also Mercury, so we cannot add a different coloration to the above said, The triplicity ruler by day of the earth signs is Venus. She is conjunct Mercury and has already been mentioned.

According to Albumasar[3], dispositor of the year is that planet which is dignified on an angle, or (if there is none) in the houses 11th, 9th or 5th. In this chart, the Moon is the ruler of the year, she is exalted and in the 9th house. She thus describes issues related to immigration, foreign politics and academical training. However, the position of the Moon is debilitated by her position over the horizon during the day.

The Moon rules the 11th house of friends, groups and hope. In the derived chart it rules the money from the goverment. In this chart,  hope is placed  into foreign countries/affairs.  The house ruler of the ninth and dispositor of the Moon,  Venus, is in the 8th, so there will be cuts and reductions to the subjects mentioned above.

The Moon has separated first from exalted Mars and than from Saturn in his domicile and is now VOC  before she first trines Pluto and then opposes Jupiter. Jupiter is the benefic in sect but placed below the horizon by day and  in a cadent house but at least in his own terms. He is retrograde and rules the 4th house linked especially to the land and soil.

This opposition is particularly difficult as the Moon opposes Jupiter, who is in her fall. Since Jupiter rules the 7th house of partners, allies or open enemies, and he is in the house of neighbors which according to  Al Biruni is also associated with migration, the subject of migration will be particulalry important. ALso Jupiter sextiles Pluto which adds tension.


The Moon is increasing and I do think that this year represents a transition. Things are “mutable”, not yet fixed, still “in process”. There is a lot of energy with exalted Mars and Saturn in his own domicile, but the aspects are separative, as if these energies were not yet available.



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