The murder of Rupperswil

[:en]The man had seen the the 13 years old boy only a few times walking by. Strange thoughts came into his mind. They became a plan. He would enter the house of the boy who lived nearby, rape him and then steel the money of the family.

On December 21, 2015 he decided to realize his plan. He rang on the door, telling the mother that he was a school psycologist who needed to speak with her about the “bullying behaviour” of her younger son. She let him in and offered him a coffee. What happened then, became famous as the murder of Rupperswil. It is considered one of the worst criminal cases of Switzerland and the 33 year old Thomas N. has been compared to Hanibal Lecter. The Rupperswil murder case is also particularly shocking because the murder and his victims had never met before.

Thomas N. raped the boy and killed him, his mother, his brother and the girlfriend of his brother, after having obliged the mother to take 10.000 Swiss Francs from her bank accout.

The aproximate time when Thomas, N. entered the house, is known.





We immediatly see the detrimental malefic out of sect just on the MC and peregrine. The Moon is separating from an opposion to Mars (and Mars from square to Pluto): we know that the event was planed in every detail, so the intention to harm was set long before.

However, Mars describes the event but not neccesarily the perpetrator. Since Sagittarius is rising, Jupiter is the significator of the person who starts an action, in this case he is descriptive of Thomas N. who enters the house. Jupiter is in the 9th, he claims to be a school psycologist. The planet is in his detriment, peregrine and in a fallen house, describing a person who is not to be trusted in any way. Mars and Jupiter are in an exact semisextile, an aspect not much used in traditional astrology, even though Lilly has an example with an semisextile on p. 389. However, both planets are linked to the AC.

Now, Lilly uses the malefic on an angle to describe a thief (and would have done so with murderers as well, I suppose). But in this case, as we will see, Mars does not describe the killer, but only the nature of the event.

The murder is clearly described by Jupiter, who also rules the 12th house of hidden enemies.

He was arrested only 6 months later.

At that time, transiting Sun (shedding light upon a murder case, for example), was exactly trining the Jupiter in the event chart. (inner wheel event , outer chart arrest).




There is a lot to say, but I just want to focus on the Jupiter here.


On March 16, 2018 the beast of Rupperswil was pled  guilty and sentenced to indefinite incarceration.

The transiting Sun was in nearly exact opposion to Jupiter’s position in the event chart.

In this threewheel we see the event chart in the inner wheel, the arrest in the second wheel and the sentence in the outer wheel.





The Sun of the arrest chart is exactly opposed to Jupiter in the sentence chart and transiting Moon of the sentence chart is exactly opposed to the Jupiter in the arrest chart.

We don’t have the exact birthdata of the killer but the press reports that he was born in “May, 1983”. Thus his natal Jupiter was at ca. 16° Pisces, in wide opposition to the event chart and quite exact opposition the the arrest chart. His natal Mars was exalted and in conjunction with Pluto, exactly sextiling his natal Jupiter.




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