This article is a in depth research of traditional astrological techniques such as annual profections, zodiacal releasing, sygyzy and circumambulation through the bounds.

We know that a birth chart describes the native and what happens in his or her life. It tells us about the achievements of the native. Some people however become famous only after their death, as for example Vincent van Gogh, who only sold one painting in his entire life. Most astrologers do believe that a birth chart is still valid for the native even after he left the physical plane, for example when a writer’s book is published posthumous, or a painter’s gallery is opened.

However, this is certainly not a modern idea. Traditional astrologers associated the 4th house with that what happened after death. Rhetorius writes at this regard:

The Fourth house is called the under-earth angle and the time of old age. It signifies the topic of parents and property and hidden matters and the house in which one is born and foundations and the things happening after death (…)

This passage always intrigued me. Why the 4th house and what exactly could be shown by it?

There are many examples which could be researched, but I was intrigued by the story of Erik Medhus.

He became famous not for what he had achieved during his lifetime, but as a spiritual guide after having left his physical body.

Erik was 20 years old when he committed suicide.He had suffered from bipolar disorder and shot himself in the head. His mother Elisa Medhus, a physician, shortly afterward, contacted the befriended medium Kim O’Neill. This was the beginning of her conversations with Erik. A few months later, in January 2010, Elisa started the blog channelingerik, where she wrote very openly about her grief and the conversations she was having with her son. Erik would speak frankly about his own death, dying in general and what the world beyond the veil was about. His started to be a guide, not only for his family but also for many of the bloggers, while the blog became more and more famous.

Obviously, we cannot know for sure if there is something “true” to channellings or not. This is the realm of the 12th house. However, no matter whether one believes in an afterlife or the reliability of what Erik has to say, the very fact he became so famous after his death intrigued me to look at his chart.


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