After Italy had been on partial lockdown since March 4th, when all schools and universities were closed and then on March 10th when all the rest followed and the total lockdown started, yesterday, on May 4th, things were planned to go back to normal.

Since I have been working on Italy’s chart with several techniques over the last weeks, (link) I wondered how this “reopening” would show up, both in the event chart and in the Nation’s horoscope. Don’t worry, I will be short.

What I found is anything than promising.

First let us have a look at the event chart, when the law, that permitted companies to re-open (with the only exception of coffeeshops and restaurants) and people to get back to their working places entered into force at midnight of May 4th.

The AC is in the very first degrees, which in horaries shows soemthing that is “too early”. However, his is an event chart, so it might just describe the “new” law. The AC is conjunct the South Node in the first degree of Capricorn while its ruler Saturn, who has recently entered his human sign, is going to get retrograde on May 12th. This is a strong indication that this new law won’t  last long.

The ruler of short distance travel, Jupiter (L3), is in his fall appearingly going to leave Capricorn, which would be descriptive of “moving more and safely” but instead he will soon become retrograde. This is even worse because he also rules the 12th house of isolation. It literally means going back into isolation, since Jupiter moves backwards in the 1st house.

The Moon is in the 9th house of travel and has just separated from Venus, L5 (all kinds of so long forbidden pleasures!). However, Venus is in the 6th house of illness, peregrine and in the bounds of Mars. This does not luck funny at all. She will not perfect her trine to Mars, L11 (friends, groups) but instead get retograde, too, precisely on May 14th.  

The Moon translates the light from Venus to a slow slow moving Jupiter. This simply describes what is going to happen on May 4th: we are allowed to move and go out. But then, on May 15th, Jupiter moves backwards.

Mercury is the ruler of far distance travel and he is going into combustion. What is worse is that Mercury also rules illness (in an airy sign those are linked to the airways). He is going to join the  8th house of trouble and death.

Now let’s look at the biwheel.I am using the date of the day, when Italy was proclaimed a Nation (Feb.18th, 1861, 11.00 LST). See my article on Covid-19 in Italy for more about this.

(Please note that Italy is in a 4th house profection year and Mercury is the Lord of the year. The AC in the Solar Revoultion is at 27° Scorpio.)

The first thing I noticed is Mercury combust in the 12th house of isolation. Mercury is the ruler of Italy’s 1st house (public health) and its 4th house (people’s homes among other things) . He is also in opposition to Italy’s AC in the Solar Revolution.

Furthermore, Mercury is going to square Mars at 28°  Aquarius on May 11th. Mars is the 6th house ruler in the foundation chart.

Italy’s significator of short distance travel  (Sun) is in the 12th house, while it’s significator of far distance travel, Saturn, is going to get retrograde on May 12th.

Last but not least, the AC of the event chart just entered Italy’s 8th house, precisely at the degree of the upccoming Jupiter/Saturn cojunction and close to the degree of the Solar eclipse on 4° Capricorn on December 26th.

Since the new law will be in force until May 18th, when so many planets are already retrograde, (Venus. Jupiter, Saturn while Mercury goes retrograde in June) I am afraid the law will not be prolonged (which would probably mean going back into lockdown) or we will have to deal with its unpleasant consequences.



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