The Las Vegas shooting happend less than one week ago and more and more details are coming up. According to official sources, the killer has a name and is supposed to have acted alone. So far the police has no clue about his motifs and the fact that so called Islamic state claimed responsability for this massacre, does not seem to hold.

So I wondered what the event chart would be able to tell.

Since this is not an horary but event chart, we have to identify first of all the killer. William Lilly has no mass shooting chart among his examples (lucky times, there were no bump fire stocks yet..), but he has several charts about thieves. Not quite the same thing, I know, but the basic principle is the same.

The “bad guy” is identified by a peregine planet which is angular. A peregrine planet has no dignities and is thus “not in the right place”. Nevertheless, his importance on the scene is shown by the angularity.  Thieves are usually associated with a peregrine Mercury, but in a mass murder chart, we have to look at the malefics.

In this chart, we find the malefic out of sect Saturn angular in the 7th house. Even though he rules the 8th house and is very close to an angle, he is not peregrine.  So this is a point, which does not fit. The other not convincing point is, that planets in the 7th house show “open enemies”. But as far as we know, the killer was hidden behind a window on the 32nd floor of an hotel, unvisible to his victims.

So either the “open enemy” was not the killer or he was not the “mastermind”. In that case, he would just be some kind of scapegoat.

It’s the 12th house which describes the really  “hidden enemies”. The 12th house ruler is Venus and she is in the 4th house in Virgo,  a female double bodied sign. Venus is with Mars and both enclose Pluto by  a very close trine in the 8th house of death. Both of them also apply to a square with angular Saturn, the ruler of the 9th house of religion and of the 8th. Venus and Mars can either describe one woman and one man (if not more) who were involved in this massacre of innocents, or in alternative, Venus might give a hint to some logo or symbol of a group, which is an enemy to the US where the shooting happend). Furthermore, Venus and Mars are in earth signs, they are not “upstairs” somewhere, but just down on the ground. Somebody did fire from the ground.

Venus is also in opposition to Neptune in the 10th , who hides her even more, possibly on purpose.

Both planets are disposed by Mercury, who rules part of the 12th. Mercury rules the 4th house, the “homeland” and is actually very well hidden by the planet which usually describes authorities, the Sun. The latter is in his fall and might thus describe parts of the goverment which have gone mad.

The “open enemies” are described by Jupiter, the ruler of the 10th house of government, who is in the 5th house of concerts and pleasure. Jupiter disposes over Saturn or in other words, he commands him. And Saturns rules the 9th of religion and the 8th house of death.

Jupiter is aspected by the Moon, who generally describes the “people”. The people are described as very exposed in the 10th house. The Moon is in an air human ar sign, which seems to fit perfectly with the open air concert.

The Moon translates from Saturn, the open enemy and ruler of the 9th and 8th, to Jupiter, the authority. The open enemy is recieved by Jupiter, while Jupiter has no connection with the hidden enemy.

These are just a few observations, but literally no one fits with the “official version” of a single killer who seemed to have done all alone. Personally I do find it hard to believe that official version, in which the so far 59 victims and the nearly 500 injured are the work of a single individuum who appearently had no particular motif for his action.  Time will (probably) show the truth behing the las Vegas shooting.

My opinion is, that somebody has an interest in trying to make people believe that this shooting was not about Isis. Isis is an ancient name for Venus, by the way.




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