On Oct. 12th, at 3.51 DST, Reuters reported, that the USA will leave the UNESCO and that withdrawal will take effect on December 31, 2018 . Click here for the official statement.

UNESCO stands for education, science and arts. Only here in Italy there are 53 places recongnized as “World Heritage”, but worldwide there is an incredible number of protected places. When reading through the news, I was curious, how the 5th place, associated with arts, would show up in the relationship between the US foundation chart and the moment of the withdraw.

Here is the biwheel:


The 5th place of the US is in Aries, and thus ruled by Mars. Mars is poorly dignified in his own bounds (Egyptian) and placed in the 10 place, which describe arts as an controversial subject.

The 10th place is associated with leadership and power, but as every coin has two sides, this power can be brutal and arrogant, which is shown by the planet being without essential dignities and representing the malefic out of sect, since this is a diurnal chart.

Mars transiting the 10th place shows general conflicts about what the Nation’s arts related goals are. Mars  squares his own position in the US chart and thus contradicts his own mission in the 7th house about expansion and conquering through “the American way of Life”. That “way”, the US’ export product nr.1, is now  seen as aggressive and an attempt of dominate others. This is especially dangerous, as Mars is the malefic out of sect in this chart and ruler of the 12th house.

Mars sextiles Mercury, the ruler of the 10th and the ruler of the7th. The USA will remain an “observer” within the UNESCO . Mars is conjunct  the US’ Neptune, in a certain sense, Trump (as the representative of the US)  can’t really evaluate or focus on goals and targets.

But the most interesting point is, that the 5th place ruler exactly squares Saturn, which is transiting the US Ascendant. Saturn rules both the second and the third house and thus money and contracts, which also define the role, the US plays in the world. Saturn is about responsability and duties and all these are now challenged by impulsive Mars . However, there is no recepetion between both planets, and thus the actions the US are taking, are harmful to themselfs. Saturn also describes deprivation, lack and shortage. This lack is now linked to the Arts.

The transit Moon is in the 8th house of debts (the US owe a LOT of money to the UNESCO) and exactly sextiles  Mars. Trump openly declared, that the withdraw was a matter of money.

Interestingly, this decision has been made official, just few days after Jupiter, L1, entered Scorpio and thus the 12th place. The ruler of the Ascendant in the 12th place often describes “self-undoing” or autoinflicted troubles, the more so as he just entered the detriment of Venus, the ruler of the 11th place of alliances, such as the Unesco. But he also just entered the fall of the US Moon which rules debts. All this, while Saturn (impoverishment) is transiting the US first house.






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