Nobelprize for Peace


Today on Oct. 6th, 2017, 2017 at around 11.a.m. the Nobelprize for Peace has been awarded to the
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
While Trump is threatening the world with his (so far verbal) attacks on North Korea and recently Iran during the full Moon and in particular the upbuilding Mars-Saturn square and the slowly separating Mars/Pluto trine,  we can also see the other (and brighter) side of the coin, where nuclear weapons are being defeated.
The malefic out of sect L6 (Mars)  in trine aspect with Pluto describes the pending risk of nuclear weapons. Mars is just in the 10th house, thus visible to all (just remember the last North Korean tests).
Saturn naturally describes regulation, responsability and control. He is placed  in the 2nd house of resources while he rules of the 3rd house of contracts. These contracts are menaced by the presence of Pluto. The US President declared, he does want to review the contracts Obama signed with Iran, which Trump judges as “not in the interest of the US.”
It is a paradox, that the Nobelprize is given to a campaign which aims to abolish nuclear weapons while at the same moment (after we had nearly forgotten about their existance…) just these weapons do represent once again the biggest threat of the last decades….
Interestingly, the prize is represented by the 10th house ruler Mercury, already combust by the intercepted 9th house ruler which represents  foreign nations (Trump included, as the prize is given in Norway). Both planets, Sun and Mercury, are applying to a square with Pluto. No need to say that the aspect will perfect at 16°, in partile square to Pluto….
We have to put our hopes  in Saturn, which is the strongest planet in this chart, in his own term and face and in sect. (Venus in her own trip is out of sect, and can just help less). With the Moon trining Saturn, hopefully the contracts will hold and the parties respect them, respect each other.


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