tectonic-movementThat Italy is a seismic active country, is not new. The earth is made of 12 tectonic plates, which are moving on the earth’s surface. The African plate is pushing under the Eurasian plate, causing pressure either in the region of the Alpes in Italy’s North, either in the center, just under the Appenines, as shown in the picture. [1]

In the last few years, several earthquakes have shaked the country. Among the most destructive have been the quake of l’Aquila in 2008 (5.9 on Richter scale)[2] and the quake of Emilia in 2012 (5.9 on Richter scale). But the recent three earthquakes, on August 24th  (Amatrice) and in October 2016 (Macerata and Norcia) have been growing in strength. Both struck Italy with 6.0 and 6.5 on Richter scale. The Norcia earthquake has been the strongest in the last 100 years.

The recent series of earthquakes in Center Italy have opened a new fault line.[3]  The Appenines is  literally breaking up. Norcia has shifted towards the Tirrenean Sea, while another village, Visso, has moved towards the Adrian Sea. These geological shifts have also caused noticeable differences in height: Castelluccio di Norcia is now 60 cm lower than before the earthquake

Seismologists are convinced, l’Aquila and the recent quakes are connected, as they all origin in the Italian Appennines Region. The Emilia quake is not considered to be part of that series, as it originated much more North.

In this article, I will compare the l’Aquila quake with the recent series of earthquakes on the Appenines, which started with the quake of Amatrice on August 24th , 2016. Amatrice has become sadly famous for the nearly total destruction the village and its 297 deads, sadly similar in number of victims to the l’Aquila quake (308 deads).

But before going into detail with the main quakes of this series, I want to show the chart of the last Sun eclipses, the first is the partial eclipse before L’Aquila, the other is the 2016 total Sun eclipse. The connection between these two is indeed amazing.



As we see, both eclipses occur at 18°. But the first happens to be in Virgo while the second happens to be in its exact opposition, in Pisces.

In both charts, the luminary out of sect rules the 8th house.

While in the l’Aquila chart, Saturn is the most elevated planet, in the Amatrice eclipse chart, it’s Jupiter.

But he is also exactly conjunct the previous eclipse point and rules the earth in the l’Aquila chart.

In the L’Aquila chart, Jupiter  is at 11° Sagittarius, very close to the point where Saturn is in the Amatrice eclipse.

They both seem to have exchanged their places, as easily visible in the bi-wheel:


From that short comparison, we can assume, that both series are indeed connected with each other. But there is more. As we will see, the position of Jupiter at 11° Sagittarius, becomes very important in the 2016 earthquake series.

Now let’s go into detail:


In this chart, the moving earth is signified by Mars (ruler 4th). He is nearly exactly opposite Saturn, thus both malefics are connected, but the malefic out of sect is the most elevated planet. Their opposition occurs nearly exactly along the eclipse position of 18° Virgo. None of the benefics mitigates that powerful opposition. But the Moon, having just entered the same sign of the malefic out of sect and thus the sign of the opposition, seems to trigger the situation. The Moon presses the “red botton”, crossing the line of tension. Please note that the l’Aquila quake was not “coming out of nothing”, but the peak event of a seismic swarm, which started on Dec. 14th, 2008.[4][5]

Now let’s check the Amatrice chart.


What immediately falls into the eyes is the exact conjunction of Mars and Saturn (and the fixed star Antares) in the 6th WS house. This conjunction falls literally into the open knife of the 15° distance from the Amatrice eclipse chart. It is a nighttime event, and Saturn is the malefic out of sect. He also rules the 8th house of death. 300 people died, many more were injured. Several villages have been erased from the maps, being totally destroyed.

The 4th house (earth) is ruled by Venus, usually considered a benefic, but here she is in her detritment.

In this chart it’s the Sun who has just entered the sign square to Mars/Saturn/Antares. In this case, it seems to be the luminary out of sect to be the triggering planet.

But what I find more interesting, is that Venus is in a bi-corporal sign. On the one hand, Virgo is a mutable sign, showing correctly the moving earth. But could it also signify that it will not be the only quake?

Only two months later, two huge quakes shuttered Italy, in only 3 days distance from each other. Both stronger than l’Aquila and Amatrice.

The first happend on October 26th, 2016.


In this chart, the moving earth is symbolized by Venus, as in the Amatrice chart. This time, she is in Sagittarius, another bi-corporeal sign. We see a promise, that this earthquake too, won’t be the last.

The most striking point to see in this chart, is the close but still applying conjunction, between Saturn and Venus. (in the Amtrice chart, we have seen a Saturn/ Mars conjunction). But there is a fundamental difference: Venus rules the shaking earth (4th house), but not the 8th AND she is a benefic and she is in sect. This even bigger earthquake did not cause victims! Many people lost their homes, but nobody died. Venus  acted as a protective shield.

Note that Venus is only 3° a part from the major distructor, Saturn. The third quake was the stron

gest and occured only 3 days after.


In this chart, we see that the conjunction between Saturn and Venus has become exact in the second house. The huge quake made no victims (Venus is the benefic in sect) but destroyed large part of the cultural inheritance of the region. In other words, Saturn is the malefic out of sect and thus promises destruction. The conjunction with Venus cannot avoid that destruction, but addresses it differently.

The quake is signified by the 4th house ruler Saturn, who is in a bi-corporeal sign, too. Geologists warn, that the Norcia quake might not be the last and not even the worst. [6]

In the comparison of all these charts, I found it particularly interesting to notice

  • the relevance of Jupiter and Saturn in all of the charts
  • The importance of the configuration of the malefics:
    • absence of aspects with the benefics (many victims)
    • or protective shield (no human victims)

This article has been written while the seismic activity is still going on and might be updated in a later moment.

[1] Image: https://ingvterremoti.wordpress.com/i-terremoti-in-italia/

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_L%27Aquila_earthquake

[3]  A fault is a planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock, across which there has been significant displacement as a result of rock mass movement. Large faults within the Earth’s crust result from the action of plate tectonic forces, with the largest forming the boundaries between the plates, such as subduction zones or transform faults. Energy release associated with rapid movement on active faults is the cause of most earthquakes. (source: wikipedia)

[4] https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terremoto_dell%27Aquila_del_2009

[5] It is intersting to see, that on the day, the seismic swarm started, Mars was combust at 18° Sagittarius, both  square the Sun ecplise position and Saturn’s position during the quake. (Sun at 20° Sagittarius) and his own position during the quake.

[6] At the moment I am writing (Nov 4th), there has be another, minor quake of 4.8 on the day, when the Moon passed over the Saturn/Venus conjunction (Nov. 2nd).




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