Mother’s crimes, daughter’s murder

Gypsy Rose Blanchard had her boyfried murder her mother after many years of horrific abuse. Dee Dee Blanchard had pretended that her daughter suffered from various severe diseases, such as leucemia, MSA and others, subjecting her to unnecessary surgery and medication.

Gypse Rose has recently been released from prison while her ex boy friend is facing a life long sentence.

What can we say about the mother in Gypsy Rose’s chart?

The Moon is the natural ruler of mothers and she also rules the 10th house, associated with the female parent. She is in Aquarius and is therefore disposed by Saturn, who is in the same sign. Saturn/Moon conjunctions can describe affection disorders. Saturn is the natural ruler of (auto-)control but he is retrograde, still in opposition to the Sun, the “guiding light”, but moving away from it, getting lost.

The Moon is approaching Jupiter. While he is theroretically the benefic in sect, he is in Leo and hence extremely hot, giving him a choleric and egocentric touch, which amplifies his naturally magnifying nature even further, making it potentially obsessive or voracious. He rules the 6th house of illness: the mother first pretended her daughter to be ill and later made her become de facto ill.

The mother herself suffered from factitious disorder imposed on another. Her illness is shown by the 6th house from the 10th, the radical 3rd house, also ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter’s antiscia is in the 8th house, but Jupiter is in a straight rising sign and hence pushing his agenda into the 8th house of death and torment.

AC ruler Venus is conjunct Mars, the ruler of the 7th. Both are partner in crime (in the 12th house), but Venus is in her fall and has southern latitude, while Mars is only peregrine and has northern latitude, which makes him stronger than Venus: he dictates the agenda. Both planets are disposed by a very strong Mercury but he is also the ruler of the 12th house of betray, prison, enemies and crimes.
That being said, it comes to no surprise that Gypsy Rose has met her actual husband (Mars, L7) in prison.

It is further noticeable that the Arabic parts of the mother and of murder are not only conjunct but also trine the south node and are in the exaltation of the AC ruler, opposed by the Venus/Mars conjunction and ruled by Jupiter in opposition to the Moon.

In the 8th house from the 10th of the mother we find the Moon, the natural ruler of children as well as Saturn, the ruler from the turned 8th house. Aquarius is an obeying sign which follows the commands of Taurus, in the 8th house, ruled by Venus.

Gypsy Rose has gained much “popularity” over the last years and there is also a film on her story. Here we can see another way how this Jupiter works out: The Moon rules the MC, which is also the exaltation of Jupiter, L6.

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