Broken finger horary

When I am invited to a conference as a speaker, I usually try to attend all of the talks. So I was all set to do so yesterday morning, too. But my daughter had played basketball the evening before and hured her finger.

Happily nothing major, but I was unsure what to do.
There were several reasons not to go to the ER.
1) It could have just been a momentary thing, the swelling might have gone away alone.
But more importantly
2) it was Friday night. Have you ever been to an ER with something not life threatening on a Friday night? Don’t.
3) (more as a side note: I had already been in the ER two times in the last month with my son for other reasons!)

I wondered if I should wait until next day, to see if the swelling and the pain would have gone.

Then I checked the chart.

  • My daughter is shown by the 5th house in Sag and its ruler Jupiter.
  • He is in the DERIVED 6th WSH, illness, injury and the DERIVED 5th quadrant (basketball).
  • He is peregrine and retrograde, not in a great shape. (Well, that was the obvious part!)
  • Her finger is shown twice. Firstly, by the third house from the 5th, the radical 7th, ruled by Saturn, the natural ruler of bones. This guy has just left his domicile and entered a territory where he does not belong. Plus, he was now in a mutable sign.
  • Secondly, by the natural rulers of hands and fingers and in particular of the index finger, Mercury. He closely sextiles Saturn with reception and has also just changed his sign, now being “out of place”, too.

all of this made me think that my daughter’s finger was broken .

Furthermore, the Moon was in the 12th house of hospitals and applying to Mars, L4 who was hidden under the Sun, me, the parental authority.

I decided not to go to hospital even though I was pretty sure the finger was broken. We would have waited many hours in the ER, with no sleep and my daughter was already very tired and only wanted to go so sleep. I decided to wait until next morning, after having spoken to my doctor.

The next morning nothing had changed (as expected), but my daughter had have a good rest. So we went to the ER, and after more than four hours we finally made it back home.

A bone fragment had split from the first phalanx of her right index finger and caused the pain and swelling. My daughter got medicated and was ordered 21 days of rest. Which means no more written school assigments until after Xstmas. She was not to sad about that…

I lost all morning talks of the conference but besides high stress levels, all ended well and the chart turned out spot on.

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