To which part of the world should he direct his life?

Lilly’s chart example Nr. 1 part 2


In this post I will analyze the second question which Lilly illustrates in his first example horary on p. 135. The querent wants to know “to which part of the world he was best to direct the course of his life”. (The first question can be found here).

When a querent asks a question, it is always  important to consider the context of the question. The client was not a salesperson, searching for new markets, or  somebody who wanted to search his fortune overseas, but a soldier, which is well symbolized by the AC in Leo and its ruler Sun in Aries. This is why this question refers to the operational area of a given military unit in which he would perform best.

Before going into detail, I will shortly explain how directions are shown in a chart.

The axes show cardinal directions

  • 1st house, AC: East
  • 10th house, MC: South
  • 7th house, DC: West
  • 4th house, IC: North

The intermediate houses show the geographical inclination

  • 12th house: East inclining South
  • 11th house: South inclining East
  • 9th house: South inclining West
  • 8th house: West inclining South
  • 6th house: West inclining North
  • 5th house: North inclining West
  • 3rd house: North inclining East
  • 2nd house: East inclining North

Also every sign is associated with a specific direction, depending on their triplicity and its cardinal sign:


East by South


West by South


North by West


South by West










East by North


West by North


North by East


South by East

Let us now come back to the question “where to direct course of life”, which we are analyzing.

Here is the horary:

As always. Lilly starts with the AC ruler, which describes the querent.

The first thing, Lilly notices, is that the AC ruler (Sun) is in a cardinal sign (Aries), in the 9th house. Cardinal signs show sudden changes, while the 9th describes journeys.

Lilly does not consider the 9th house implication (south inclining west) but instead considers

  • The closest cardinal axes (South) as the main direction
  • The sign the AC ruler is in (East) as a secondary indicator.

The 9th house position of the Sun implies, according to Lilly, two possibilities: Either a long journey (by ship) in direction Southeast (for example, in the English Colonies in India) or else a long journey via land towards a location situated Southeast of London, the place where Lilly received his client and which is the reference point for all geographical indications.

The Sun is at 4°11 Aries, only 2°40‘ distance from the 9th house cusp. This means that the Sun is technically already part of the 9th house, but the remaining distance is important for timing, thus the forecast, after how much time the querent will leave. Lilly writes, that his client left London after 2 months.

Lilly tells his client, that he will leave soon (cardinal sign) for a journey (9th house) in direction Southeast.

The 9th house describes all kinds of journeys to places, which are considered as “far” from home. At Lilly’s times, this could refer to journeys to foreign countries, but not necessarily had to. A journey of one or two days in the same country was also “far”.

In traditional astrology, every sign is associated with specific countries. Since the AC ruler Sun describes the querent, his position shows in this case the direction of his journey. Lilly examines the associations with Aries, which are: Germany, Sweden, Poland, France, England, Denmark, Palestine and Syria.[1]

Lillys south east

Lilly understands that staying in England is one of his client’s options. If his client decided to stay in England, he would be assisted by the North node, which is located, together with the Sun, in the 9th house. Lilly advises his client to direct his affairs in that case either to, Kent, Essex, Sussex or Suffolk, all located Southeast of London, as shown in the image.

But the Sun only refers to the sudden journey, not to the more long termed question on where to direct the life course.

This is why Lilly next considers the Moon. Her next aspect is a trine to Jupiter in Taurus. Also the other benefic, Venus, is in Taurus. Taurus is part of the earth triplicity which describes generally “South”, but Taurus especially indicates South by West. [2] This  indication is contrary to that given by the Sun (East).

Since applicative aspects always describe what will happen next, this application is an indication for Lilly, that the querent will direct his course of life in a region which is described by Taurus. On p. 95 of his Christian Astrology, Lilly gives a list of countries associated with Taurus: Poland, Swiss, Lorraine (France), Campania (Italy), Persia, Cyprus and Ireland.

Let us put the information together: The soldier should direct his affairs to one of the countries indicated by:

  • House of AC ruler (9th): South east from London or countries indicated by Aries
  • Sign position AC Ruler (Aries): East
  • Next Moon aspect (Jupiter in Taurus): Southwest or countries indicated by Taurus.

Taurus is also that sign, in which the Moon is exalted. Lilly sees in the position of Jupiter in the 10th an indication of (military) honors waiting for his client in the regions indicated by Taurus.

To get things further complicated, all information need to match in some way. This is why we have to turn back to the context of the question. During the English Civil War, it was rather improbable for an English soldier to obtain big honors in Campania or Lorraine, which is why Lilly told his client to go to Ireland (Taurus), where English soldiers (Aries) were fighting against the Irish rebels, which he did.

A few years after this question, in 1641, the Irish Revolution began, in which Irish catholics stood up to fight against the central protestant English government.[3]

In conclusion of this analysis we see, that Lilly takes the information from the AC ruler’s position and the applying Moon aspect, ties them together and advises his client where to go. A master piece.

[1] CA, p. 93

[2] CA, p. 364





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