This morning I was desperate. I had to prepare a consultation, pretty complex and elaborated, and did not find my glasses. As it’s becoming warm here in Italy, nature is believing spring has already come and so I am suffering from spring allergy. My eyes were red as if I had cried for days. So I really needed my glasses.

I searched everywhere in my house. I remembered perfectly the situation in which I lost the glasses, but first have a look at the chart so see it by your own.

I am signified by Aries. No doubt, that’s me. Not only because my Moon is in Aries, but it really describes the situation. It was 12.58 a.m. yesterday when I became aware that I had only 2 minutes left (!) to pick up my daughter at school. The school is close, but nevertheless, I had to put my shoes on and take the car! I ran downstairs and then it happened. I put the glasses somewhere. But where? Yesterday afternoon, there was no way to find them. So this morning, I draw this chart, as the “last solution”.

Mars describes me and my hurry. But how to identify the glasses? They could be signified by the 2nd house (my possessions) but Venus is not appropriate… They are not stylish and I don’t even like them. Sorry, Venus. Mercury? I need them for reading. But Mercury rather describes books and not glasses! The luminaries? I was not really convinced. But stop: the glasses are a HELP to read better. They assist me, right? As this is a daytime chart, Jupiter is the major benefic. So I decided to look at him in order to describe the place where these glasses were.

I immediately saw the Moon, separated from an opposition to Mars now approaching to Jupiter. So far so good, I would find them quickly. Jupiter is angular, describing them at home, well, there was no doubt about this point. But Jupiter in the 7th house also describes a place in the house, where we “open the door” to welcome people, “the others”. So it might describe the entrance. Jupiter is in Libra, an air sign, which usually describes a place which is elevated from the earth. And Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is the natural ruler of clothes. Jupiter is retrograde, so the glasses would come up, if I removed something.

I found my reading assistance hidden under some jackets on a wood box in which we put our shoes, in the entrance of my house. Removed the jackets, my glasses smiled at me. What about timing? Well, Moon/Jupiter are 5° away. I found them immediatly afterwards, I am not sure if 5 minutes later od 10, but here we go. Now I can start working seriously!

One thought on “How to make your chart teach you astrology”

  1. Mars is a good planet and its position should not be in second house. When Sun, Moon and planetary bodies change there position, it effects human life. Our sufferings can be reduced by consulting astrologer.

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