As astrologers we interpret the quality of time.
The horoscope contains the information of the personality of the native which at the moment of birth has still to unfold . The events of his or future life are contained in the horoscopic wheel as multiple layers, one put over the other as in an onion or as in an acorn of the tree to be.
Predictive astrologers describe which kind of event is likely to manifest within a certain time frame. They do base their predictions not upon the concept o linear time, but on the certainty of quantum time, in which all exists contemporaniously, either the beginning and the end.
In a horary, at the moment the astrologer understands the questions and draws the chart, the question already contains the answer. Events which still have to unfold, persons who have not yet met are already “magically” described by the chart.
While the native is born within a fixed context of nation, race and sex, he/she has unfinite possibilies of choices, it seems.
All choices we do depend on the possibilities we are given. And all decisions we take will bring us in a certain direction and put us in front of certain challenges, new meetings and chances, while they also exclude a bunch of other possible events.
However, all these possile events and decisions are described in the chart. We need to talk with our clients in order to know which one was chosen.
However, if all these possile events and decisions are already described in the chart are they fate and we just puppets in the hands of some unknown cynical player?
Well, my answer to this eternal dilemma is simple. In quantum time there is both free will and destiny. Free choices open a bunch of possibilities which exclude others. Every new initiative, friendship, job and whatever detail in a native’s life is predictable only in this frame of references.
This includes death. Probably we are given multiple possible exits, depending on which path in life we decide to follow.
The only destiny or fate in life is the chart itself and the major areas we choose to work upon, before drinking the water from the Lethe river, forgetting everything about our true being, which is not that on this side of the veil. It’s on that other side where we sign contracts which on the physical plane will translate as life events or persons we meet.
So the events which do manifest on the physical plane are intimately connected to our thoughts, desires, projections, which are all expressions of our own energy.
As astrologers we thus interpret and predict the time of the most probable event to occur, within a given frame of decisions already taken. In a certain sense, every free choice implies fate. They do come hand in hand and never alone.
A wonderful book on the crossroads in life and the choices we did NOT take and the possible “me’s” we did not become, are described in the wonderful book of Richard Bach, “One”.

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