Capricorn Ingress 2022

Here is a short look at the Capricorn Ingress chart cast for Rome, Italy. Not exhaustive, just a quick glance.

The chart is, to say the very least, pretty impressive. To start with, Saturn is the hour ruler, he is the malefic out of sect. He rules all kind of restrictions, control and lack. He is in the house of public healthcare or general public services. That’s not a good starter.

The AC is in Virgo, a common or mutable sign which indicates general instability: things are set to change quickly. The AC ruler Mercury also rules the 10th house which indicates the government.

Mercury is occidental and at his max. elongation east, so he has reached as far as he can. This is not necessarily a good position for a government since it depicts a situation, in which it has already put all its cards on the table.

The planet is peregrine in the 5th house associated with the stock market, in other words Mercury has not the power to positively influence the stock market. This is confirmed by the fact that Mercury is leaving his conjunction with the benefic in sect, Venus, the ruler of Italy’s economy in general, showing that the first love between financial markets and the new prime minister is over now, but the mood  is still ok since Venus has triplicity rulership in the second house (liquid resources) and in Capricorn.

On the other hand, the recent conjunction between Mercury and Venus is interesting since the Italian Prime Minister is a woman. Mercury’s and Venus’ dispositor is Saturn who is in aversion to him, so Mercury in the person of Prime Minister Meloni is without reliable support.

We can also see that Mercury  is in aversion to both malefics by sign which I interpret as there are no “outer” competitor or important opposition party challenging, but the contrascion of Mercury is at 9°56 Gemini, a degree that will soon be approached by retrograde Mars: so Meloni’s executive power will indeed be threatened, possibly by an enemy from inside. At this regard I notice that Matteo Salvini has his Saturn at 14° Gemini, transited by Mars at mid February.

In the Ingress chart, Mars is sitting right on the MC. He is the natural significator of fire, explosions, turmoil, war and conflicts of any kind. He rules the 8th house (taxes, death, betrayal) and the 3rd house (media, propaganda etc). He is the malefic in sect, is ascending north and OOB, which makes him go wild: he is beyond the Sun’s control. Besides, he is just past his opposition to the Sun (legal authority) and is now approaching his 2nd station where he will turn direct again.

From the point of view of his heliacal phase, Mars is in his most dangerous position because he moves in opposite direction in relation to the Sun and is therefore still very hostile even though he is past the peak of it now but yet, he is like a derailed train but at least slowing down.

Mars disposes over Jupiter by domicile and over Mercury, Venus and the Sun by exaltation, his rule cannot be underestimated, especially since he is in a human sign, representing a person. Mars turns direct on January 18th, by then any contentions will come out.

Besides political turmoil, we can also see that the 4th house cusp (foundations, tectonic, houses, real estate) is in Sagittarius, also a sign associated with movement. It’s ruler Jupiter has just left his domicile and entered the fire sign Aries which describes an energy push and is now in the unfortunate 8th house.

Finally, the Moon is the natural ruler of common people. She translates from Jupiter (L7 political opposition/open enemies) and L4 (people, foundation) to the ruler of the 8th house. Since Italy is an earthquake shaken country with important volcanic activity, this chart requires attention for more than one reason and in particular the times when the Moon either reaches her max. declination or, even more importantly, when she crosses the equator.

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  1. its even worse for Berlin as mars is conjunct Olav Scholz’s sun. At the october eclipse mars was in 7th cusp over Berlin. Germany is ruining itself helping hooeless Ukraine

      1. I did not mention the fixed stars because the article would become too long, and there is already enough to see. But you are right Paul, the fixed stars are not pretty either.

  2. the aristocrat who along with other politicians,was atrested for planning a coup. werks ago

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