Yesterday, my black panther had fallen ill. At lunchtime I saw him struggling to walk, he fell down and behaved like drunken. I considered poison, but could not see what I believed to be the symptoms. Then I considered a shock with a car or something on his head, but there were no wounds. Observing him closely, I had the impression, that he had lost his sense of equilibrium. Then I draw up the chart.
I was very worried as he looked like he would die soon.
The cat is represented by the ruler of the 6th house, Mercury. He is in the 8th house, retrograde and in his fall and also kind of void of course since there are no applying aspects while going backward. However, Mercury turns stationary on Dec. 22, which I interpret that he is stopping to worse and turns direct on Dec. 24, hopefully getting better at that point.
Mercury does not seem to describe the illness since the aspect with Venus is already a little far and he had fallen ill just hours before the question. The co-significator of everything demanded and especially small animals is the Moon. The Moon is conjunct  Saturn . (Since the cat is black I also felt the Moon to describe the animal better than Mercury). Saturn rules obstructions and also governs the spinal bone and our ability to stay upright, which is why I do associate equilibrium with him. The Moon has just left the conjunction with the Sun. The Sun generally describes the head and so I felt confirmed, that he might have been hit at the head. The very next aspect is a sextile (in orb, but out of signs) with Mars. He describes infections and inflammations and the left ear in males. Mars is in the 7th house, which describes the veterinary doctor.
The cat was diagnosed with an acute otitis in his left ear. In an otitis, there is some kind of obstruction in the inner ear (Saturn) due to a swelling caused by inflammation (Mars), which causes vertigo. This was the reason, the cat was falling to his left side.
From Wikipedia:
Otitis interna or labyrinthitis involves the inner ear. The inner ear includes sensory organs for balance and hearing. When the inner ear is inflamed, vertigo is a common symptom.
The veterinary could recieve me only around 7.15 pm., which was 6 hours after my question. The Moon is at the same distance from Mars in the 7th house (dignosis of otitis-Mars- by the doctor, 7th house). According to the doctor, the cat should be ok within 2 weeks.
Anyway, while I am writing this, the cat is sleeping on my legs. Emotiontherapy always works!

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