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[:en]Yesterday in a discussion group we have been talking about the temperament of the former German chancellor Helmut Kohl. I met him on one occasion in Bonn when I was in my early twenties and I remember him as tall, very fat and with a grave voice. Several group members came up with different techniques, here is the one I find most telling. Since we know that the AC describes the physical body, we consider all of its rulers that make an aspect to the AC plus the planets in the AC.

  • He was born in spring: warm and moist, sanguine
  • The AC is in Aries: Hot and dry, choleric
  • The AC ruler is in Pisces but does not see the AC and is thus not considered
  • The exalted AC ruler is the Sun: hot and dry, choleric
  • The diurnal triplicity ruler is the Sun in Aries: hot and dry, choleric
  • The nocturnal triplicity ruler is Jupiter in Gemini who sextiles the AC: warm and moist, sanguine
  • Participating triplicity ruler is Saturn in Capricorn who squares the AC: cold and dry, melancholic
  • Bound lord: Saturn, cold and dry, melancholic

Planets in the AC:

  • Sun, hot and dry, choleric
  • Venus, hot and dry, choleric
  • Mercury, hot and dry, choleric

Testimonies to the AC:

  • Saturn (Square): cold and dry, melancholic
  • Jupiter (sextile): warm and moist, sanguine


  • Phlegmatic: 0
  • Sanguine: 3
  • Melancholic: 3
  • Choleric: 6

His prevalent temperament is choleric, which agrees with the diurnal sect of his chart and is thus clearly noticed by others. He was a doer, always had a goal to get at, ready to risk and a person who needed things to “be done”, while he was little inclined to empathy (rather shown by the phlegmatic temperament).

The houses ruled by fire signs show in which areas his choleric temperament was the most clearly expressed: in his aim to push himself forward (1st house), in the way he related to his children (5th house) and with learning or foreigners (foreign nations).

Please note that the above said refers to Kohl’s temperament, not his physical constitution. For the latter we need to consider other factors and include the Moon and the decans, as well as on the Part of Fortune. I might go into this in another post.[:]

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