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A  woman asks Lilly “about a thing suddenly happening, whether good or ill” ( p. 152)

This question is similar to Lilly’s first example charts, in which the querent wanted to know what accidents would expect him in the future (p.140). Here you find my analysis of that question.

But in this example we are going to discuss, the woman does not want to know how her entire life will go on, but just what will be the next issue on her agenda and if it will be positive or negative. This makes this question so relevant. We all want to know what will be our next problem we will be confronted with (so we can get prepared) or else wait in joyful expectation.


Here is the horary:

Libra is rising and thus Venus represents the querent. Venus is the minor benefic and is going to cast a trine with the AC. Since this aspect happens going in the order of signs, is is called “sinister”. The first house ruler always describes the health or the querent or in general his/her well-being. This positive aspect from a benefic is thus representing a happy event. This assumption is strengthened by the presence of Jupiter in the woman’s first house who is also being applied by Venus.

Unfortunately, this is one of Lilly’s example charts, where he seems to be working quite superficially. He only says that he expects a positve event going to happen, but neither does he say when nor which kind of event.

So let us try to fill in the gaps. The distance between Venus at 22°37’ ant the AC at 25°36 is 3°, while Jupiter is at 5° distance. Venus is a mutable sign which indicates speed. She is also quick in motion and in a cadent house, while planets in cardinal houses are considered to be more stuck in a place. Venus is applying a planet on the AC, which also describes that the positive event is going to happen soon.

Interestingly, Lilly makes no mention of the Moon. She is at 26° Pisces and will not cast any aspect in her current sign, but is already in orb with Saturn at less than 7°. Thus the Moon aspects Saturn  form a mutable sign (describing speed) and Saturn is on an axis. Saturn generally descibes delays, but in this case, he is going retrograde towards the Moon, which makes their meeting quicker.

Putting the information together, we do have three time indications:

  • Venus-AC trine, 3°
  • Venus-Jupiter trine, 5°
  • Moon Satrun sextile, 7°

If we sum these three indications and divide them by their number, we obtain 5°, which seems to be the time unit we have to use. From the previous question of the woman, if she would meet her son at her home, we have seen, that Lilly timed that meeting for 5 days later, the same time frame which  is here showing up again.

What is this event about?

Venus (querent) makes an aspect to Jupiter, ruler 5th and 3rd. This suggests that mother and son will meet soon and he has possibly some positive news for her (Jupiter ruler 3rd).

The Moon is in the 5th, which describes once again her son or something linked to him. She rules the 9th house, describing herself going to the son. And Saturn rules the 4th house, so she is coming from far (Moon ruler 9th) to see her son at her house (Saturn ruler 4th house).

This shows that the happy event, which Lilly is forecasting, is  the reunion with her son, who might have some news for her.

I suppose, this is reason, why Lilly treats this horary somewhat superficially: the woman had asked about her son and if he was at her home, and the next event in her life, was that meeting. There was nothing more to add!





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