Diary of a traveler – Moon in Scorpio


scorpioToday the Moon enters the water sign Scorpio. It is not the fresh, sparkling water of Cancer but that’s what you might find in the saucer of your flower pot. It is associated with mud, poor oxygen and lot’s of Mars ruled beasts, such as mosquitoes or similar darlings.

While the Moon transited in Libra (see my last post in German), the kidneys have produced much urea, which will now be eliminated, as Scorpio rules the bladder. Consider to prepare yourself in the next 2, 5 days an herbal infusion of nettles, which are very beneficial to the bladder and help it doing its job.

Scorpio rules generally liquids, but especially those which are connected with toxines, as the urine,or the sweat, but also slimy liquids produced in the mouth and nose or genitals. This is why during the next days we might sweat more or “smell” it more easily.

Typical Scorpio problems are stones in the bladder. When the Moon crosses a sign, the associated organs are like “highlighted” and particular sensible. In this case it would not be a good idea to get a treatment for stones while the Moon is in this sign.

Not only our plants and animals do have much thirst now, we also have, or at least, we should provide water supply for our body as its functions are requiring water.

Our menu could be based on plants which have both Marsian and watery qualities such as tomatoes, peppers, rocket, basil, brambles, or else, if you live in the Mediterranean Region as me, prickly pears or similar fruits.

The water element is also associated with emotions. As we are talking about Scorpio, these might be linked to that kind of feelings, we have still not elaborated, which are continuing hurting or which have been put aside, for whatever reason. As Scorpio’s ruler is Mars, you might want to use his strength to transform putrid memories into fertile soil. While the Moon is in Scorpio, your healing powers are more easily to access…

Also rember that Scorpio rules green leafes, so all medicines done in these days from leafes, are quite powerful. Also consider to make your own herbal oil: just put thym, oregano, garlic, basil and similar leafes  into olive oil and put the closed bottle for 2 weeks in a dark place.


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