mappaOn July 12th, 2016 two local trains with mainly students and commutes on board, crashed frontally with a train coming from the opposite direction on the 37 km long single track railway between Andria and Corato in Southern Italy.

The accident happend half way between the two villages after a bend, which made it impossible for the engine drivers to see the other train.

They were driving at 100 km/h and it was an impact which has been compared to that of a crashed airplane. The accident has caused 27 deads, but many are still serously injured in the hospitals. This accident is among the worst ever happend in Italy.

The track is very old and there a no automatic controls. When the stationmaster of the Andria station received a phonogram of the Corato stationt, the track was supposed to be free and the train was given signal to go ahead. But something happend. Possibly either one of the two involved stationmaster made an error or there was some error in the signal they received and they thus interpreted correctly an erroneous signal.

I work with the charts of the scheduled departure time, as I believe, that time already includes eventual delays ans the unfolding events. All houses are whole sign houses.Train departure from Bari

The train 1018, departing from Bari is scheduled for 10.47 CED. The train’s “body” is described by the AC and the Moon. Jupiter, ruler of the 4th (end of things, grave) and 7th is in his detriment right on the AC in Virgo, square MC and trine Pluto. Pluto describes violent and shocking events. Jupiter is still opposite Neptune, which describes things that cannot be seen. Interestingly, that what cannot been seen is coming from the opposite part of the track (7th house).

Reassuming we see that a debilitated Jupiter (exageration) is linked with Neptune (blindness), Pluto (violence), Sun (hidden events) and also Mars (violence, speed).

The AC will then be aspected by the Sun in less than 1°, ( the accident happend a little less than 1 hour after departure) but the Sun rules the 12th house (hidden dangers) and is the exaltation ruler of the 8th (death), which makes this aspect difficult.

The train was incredibly destroyed by the accident, but mainly in the first wagons, the “head”. Planets in the first house always point to the “head”, and the 1st house is also the place of comando in a train. So Jupiter’s link with the AC, Pluto and Mars describes extensive dammage.

Now I need to make an astrological digression.

Ferrotramviaria sagittario Chiron is not used in traditional astrology. But I was struck, when I saw the symbol of the train’s company. My first thought was why is that Chiron there? Look at the symbol on the right.

I know, it might also be associated with Sagittarius. But my first thought was Chiron.  I checked the chart, and Chiron is at 25°09’ Pisces not only in the 7th house and thus coming from the opposite, but nearly exact trine Mars at 24° Scorpio and square Moon. Also remember that Sagittuarius (grave) is on the 4th house with Saturn conjunct Antares. So both Chiron and Sagittarous seem to matter here.

Let’s come back to tradition. The passengers are described by the first house ruler Mercury, still combust. I suppose, that the number of victims would have been even worse if Mercury was not received by exaltation by Jupiter. Jupiter is debilitated and could not avoid victims, but many, thanks God, did survive.

The accident happend nearly one hour exactly after the train’s scheduled departure. [Both Moon and Mars are 1° distance from Chiron.] The Sun is going to sextile the AC and the Moon translates from the Sun (square) to an opposition to Uranus in the 8th house (both hidden event) to Mercury (passengers).

Train depature BarlettaLet’s see now the second train’s departure. The general settings of the chart are similar to the first, as both trains departed only 30 minutes a part from each other. But here the AC is already in late degrees, soon something will change about the train’s state, and the next ruler will be Venus, in the 12th, applying to a trine with Saturn.

Saturn rules the 6th house of illness, but I also associate it with the reasons which lead to disasters, as a kind of dysfunction.

Aquarius is a human sign. Press reports that probably the stationmaster did misinterpret a signal or the signal had a electric defect. As Saturn (general ruler for defects and dysfunctions) is retograde and in a fire sign (electricity), this might be shown here. I also suppose that the problem was caused by THIS train, coming from Barletta, due to this highlighted Saturn/Venus aspect.

Let us now have a look at the eclipse chart from March 9th 2016, calculated for Andria. chart event eclipse

  • We see Transit Jupiter exactly on the same degree as he has been on March 9th
  • Mercury, Neptune, Sun/Moon all happen to be in the 6th house (technical or human defect) of the event chart.
  • The event chart Venus is nearly exact trine to Mars of the eclipse chart, which happens to be in the 3rd house of the event(transport mediums).




This chart shows the eclipse (inside) and the departure chart of the train leaving from Bari. The AC of the departure chart falls into the 8th house of the eclipse, opposite four major planets of the eclipse.bewheel 2

This highlights the 2nd -8th axis-my money, your money.

The accident happend on a single way track which was used in both directions. The money, paid by the U.E. for the construction of a second track, had been arrived to the local municipalities time ago but nevertheless, that track has never been built.

As the 2nd house rules resources (and what me make of them), the 8th represents the heavy bill we have to pay.

As always, everybody searches now for those  “responsables for the disaster.” But in this case it was not a single person resonsable, but how we care about what we have, in this case it’s about the maintanance of public railroads and the reasons, why that money did not arrive or was not used for what it was destinated to.





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