I guess there are many things you should or should not to do on Christmas, according to your personal believe system,

social class, country origin and so on. falafelBut there are also astrological rules. These are the most tricky ones.

One of them is not even to try to fry falafel with a Scorpio Moon.

I had a lot of guests on Christmas and wondered what to offer them as starters. Among others, I decided to prepare Syrian falafels. I had a wonderful recipe of Rafik Shami. All went well and the dough smelled great and was of good texture. Then I prepared a huge wok with oil in order to fry them. After 5 minutes they had totally DISINTEGRATED.  Sh..t,  but nothing was lost, I tried with a pan and little oil. After less than 5 minutes, the result was the same: I had nothing than a kind of strange flour in my pan. DISINTEGRATED, once again.

I wondered  if the Moon was in a water sign, and yes, of course, the lady was in Scorpio. What does Scorpio describe? Dissolution, decomposition and disintegration.  That alchemical process that  transforms leaves into compost. The Moon had done her job quiet well…in my pan!

I was obliged to make falafels in the oven. Not really the same (sigh), but no chance to get them fried with a Scorpio Moon.

BTW, the same thing happens with cream: if you try to whip cream on a Scorpio Moon, you might easily get butter…!

2 thoughts on “The astrological do’s and don’ts in the kitchen on Christmas (or at any other time!)”

  1. I had mysterious breakdowns in my Christmas dinner cooking too, Tania. The oven decided to drop about by over 100 degrees in temperature so my roasted veggie main would not cook. Grrrr. Next time we need to move Christmas dinner by a day or two if the Moon’s inconsiderate enough to be in Scorpio … of course that won’t happen for another 12 years …

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