Trump fotoDonald Trump was officially nominated candidate for the presidential elections running for the

Republican party on July 19th, 2016. He accepted this nomination three days later on July 21nd, 2016 in Cleveland (Ohio) at 10.19 p.m EDT (+4).

What follows is the astrological analysis of the beginning of his speech which is a kind of preview on his politics in the case he will be elected president. The aim here is to see his real power, reliability and preparation from a traditional point of view. In a later analysis, this chart will be compared (together with other charts) to the democratic candidate’s acceptance speech in order to see, which one is stronger and will, possibly, win the US elections on November 8th , 2016.

All houses are whole sign houses.Trump acceptance speech begin

Donald Trump is signified by the AC in Pisces and its ruler Jupiter. Jupiter is essentially debilitated in his sign of detriment and peregrine.

The lack of essential dignities describes Trump as somebody representing the negative sides of Jupiter, which are exaggeration, wealth used for proper motivations, arrogance and lack of limits.

Jupiter is angular, which makes him accidentally strong, describing the power assigned Trump by his recent nomination. The planet is opposed to Neptune. Neptune is associated with illusions and lies. This aspect depicts Trump as either a creator of illusions, or a liar.

Jupiter is maltreated by Saturn, the most elevated planet in this chart and the malefic out of sect. Power, for Trump, is linked to a vision (Saturn square Neptune) of disasters, ruin, doom and losses on the one hand, and rigid control or one man leadership on the other (both are Saturn aspects). The Neptune/Saturn square makes it easy for him to generate not only collective fear but panic. As Saturn rules limitations, isolation and boundaries, one way of way of creating the illusion of protection (Saturn) is the construction of walls, which is one of the major points in Trump’s political agenda.

Saturn rules the 12th house of hidden enemies, which shows his allusions or proclaimed vision of an America invaded by terrorists and other enemies. Saturn is in nearly conjunct Antares, a fix star associated with danger, violence, destruction, evil presages and danger. He is also called the “rival of Mars”.[1] All the terrible events which occur worldwide, especially those of the IS, seem to help him become stronger. He is literally nourished by the fear, the collective enemy is stirring up. Saturn is received from Jupiter by domicile: these collective fears are used by Donald Trump and might lead him to become president.

Saturn also rules the 11th house of alliances, which refers to all kinds of U.S. alliances, and partnerships, such as the Nato, but also the contacts with state alliances such as the E.U. The Neptune square describes, that his consideration of such alliances might be subject of self betrayal (Neptune in the 1st house), but also shows the request to make his deal with reality (Saturn). In other words, he might have the illusion to do without these alliance partners (or to dominate them in some way), but might be surprised by reality (retrograde Saturn). In fact, he has often been accused of naivete regarding foreign politics. The planet is retrograde, which describes that the role or importance of these partners might turn out different than he might expect. The aspect between Saturn and Jupiter has just become out of orb (1° off), showing a separation or a distance which might not be helpful in this moment for Trump: He cannot count on foreign support. Nevertheless, Saturn in the 10th house shows the importance of these partners, and the danger in underestimating them.

Mars is the strongest planet in this chart, he is seperating from a sextile to Jupiter. Trump is known for his aggressive speeches and attacks of who thinks differently. In this chart, Mars is in the 9th house, his preferred targets are foreigners and people of other religions.

As Mars also rules the 2nd house, money is Trump’s other main focus. Mars is in the sign of the Moon’s fall, which means that his main targets (money and foreigners) adress to the lower instincts of the people (Moon).

Let us now look at the triplicity rulers of the AC, in order to see, how Trump will do or perform as a presidential candidate.

The triplicity rulers of Jupiter in this nighttime chart are 1) Moon 2) Venus, Mars is the assisting planet.

The Moon is in the 12th house and overcome by Mars, thus maltreated, which describes a very negative initial period. As Mars rules foreign countries, these might play a role in it.

Venus is in a cadent house, inconjunct to the AC, in no aspect to the AC ruler and separating from a trine to the malefic out of sect. Venus rules the 3rd house, (communications, emails, news). This placement does not help Trump.

Both triplicity rulers are badly positioned denoting a lack of success.

What’s next? The Moon will first separate from a square to Saturn (enemies and alliance parters[2]) and then go void of course, a very negative indication for Trump’s possibilities to become president.

Certainly, this chart alone is not reliable to determine if Trump will or will not win the presidential elections.

In a later post I will analyze the Democratic candidate’s acceptance speech and then compare both.

[1] Vivian Robson, The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology, Astrology Classics, 1905

[2] The Moon Saturn square in the 10th house denotes the recent leadership problems he had in the days prior to his nomination and probably also the accuses of plagiat of his wife’s speech (Mercury trine Saturn), as the wife’s speechwriters are signified by the turned 6th house, the radical 12th. But this aspect also describes once again that the relationship with the US partners is going to become more difficult.






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