This is the first part of my analysis of the US elections on Nov. 3, 2020. In this paper I will look at the opening of the  polls on the election day. In part two, I will analyse the natal charts of both contenders and their Solar Revolutions, using also the profected and the directed AC including circumambulation through the bounds. 

The chart is calculated for Dixville Notch, a small town in New Hampshire, where  historically the first poll opens at midnight of the election day with a particular opening ceremony.

The AC and its ruler represent the candidate of the Republican party, Donald Trump, who is asking for a second term, while the 7th house and its ruler represent Trump’s opponent, the candidate of the Democratic party, Joe Biden.

Leo and the Sun represent Trump, Aquarius and Saturn represent Biden.

The Sun is angular and in his decan and thus accidentally strong, which describes the candidate of the Republic party as powerful and influential. The Sun is in the middle of the fixed sign Scorpio, which makes him stick to his position. The Sun’s dispositor is Mars, essentially strong in the 9th house of the Supreme Court, but retrograde. The Sun is free from the infortunes and sextiles a strongly afflicted Jupiter, in his fall, retrograde and in the cadent 6th house of illness. Jupiter rules the 8th house of death and/ or electoral defeat. While Jupiter is a natural benefic, in this case he must be considered as a accidental malefic due to his afflictions, so more so as he is already very close to his conjunction with Saturn.

The 10th house represents literally the place of power, the White House, the presidency. It is ruled by Venus, who is essentially strong in the 3rd house (parcel service, media), in her domicile but in aversion to the Sun and in the Sun’s fall. Trump had publicly declared his hostility to the mail-in voting, which seems to be reflected here: the place of power is decided via parcel service by the people who prefer avoiding the crowded polls.  Mercury, the ruler of the 2nd house, which represents in this chart the resources of the election, in other words the votes, is peregrine, retrograde and in a cadent house, votes might be lacking  (Mercury squares Saturn) or it might become neccessary  to recount them (Mercury retrograde). Mercury is going to square the afflicted Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house, which points to invalided (postal) votes.

The Democratic candidate, Biden, is described by the DC in Aquarius and its ruler Saturn. This symbolizes him as the older one of the two opponents. Saturn is in his own domicile (describing him as experienced and well estimated) and has recently turned direct (gaining strength after a period of relative weakness), but he is in the cadent 6th house of illness, which describes him  as politically weak rather than literally ill since he in in his essential dignities.

Saturn is squared by Mercury in the 3rd house, which we can also identify as the place of mass media. Since Mercury rules the 11th (political parties, friends) and the 2nd (economy), these news are in Biden’s favour, since Mercury is in the exaltation of Saturn and in his own nocturnal triplicity but for some reason he cannot really turn this into an advantage (square). Mercury also rules Biden’s derived 8th house. While he withdraws from Saturn, he is going to apply Jupiter  (L8) by a square. Saturn is nearly conjunct Jupiter, but the planet is afflicted being in his fall and in a cadent house, which is why I judge him either as ineffective to help or rather contra productive. Jupiter rules the 8th radical house which points to an electoral (if not physical) defeat.

Now let’s look at the Moon. She is in a common sign, and peregrine, describing people subject to change their minds. The Moon does not aspect neither the Sun nor Saturn, indicating that the people (or rather the Electoral College), if the election is really going the be hold, will not come up with a clear result. Instead, the Moon has separated from Venus (actual presidency),  and is now approaching Mars in the 9th house. This describes a big conflict, rather than a clear winner. The 9th house represents the Supreme Court. Mars and the Sun are in aversion, but the Sun is in his exaltation in the position of Mars, while Saturn is in his detriment in Aries. In addition, we can see, that while Mars rules the 10th house from Biden’s (the radical 4th), the planet is withdrawing from Saturn and in his fall.

Mars, the ruler of the 9th (Supreme Court) is going to square Jupiter (L8) and natural ruler of judges in the 6th house.

My conclusion from this chart is  that both candidates are weak and both significators are making an applicative aspect with the 8th house ruler, but the aspect between the Sun (Republican Party) and Jupiter (death/electoral defeat) happens earlier than the Jupiter (L8)  / Saturn (Democratic Party) conjunction. It looks like the election will either be postponed, possibly after much trouble and turmoil, or a candidate be nominated by the Supreme Court, in this case the Republican candidate has slightly more chances due to the exaltation of the Sun in the place of the Supreme Court.

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