[:en]Six teenagers found dead in Southern Germany[:]


Six 18 years old teenagers have been found dead in a little garden house in Southern Germany, after a party. So far the reason for their death is unknown, as they were found without any visible signs of violence. This is the chart is cast for the moment, the six have been found dead by the father of two of them.

6 tenagers found dead

The teenagers are represented by the AC and its ruler Venus. She is exalted in the 12th house. The fact that the significator is so dignified appears often in the charts of persons just died. Everybody will have his/her own opinions on this subject.

Venus is in the 12th house of “hidden enemies”, which represents things or persons  we are not aware of but which are dangerous or harmful.

Venus has just separated from a square to Saturn in the 8th (death), which is why this planet  describes what has happened to them or which might be the reason for their death. We also see, that Saturn is also the Moon’s last aspect, so Saturn is that what Saunders called semen maleficum, the root of the evil.

Saturn describes dysfunctions, leaks or holes, something which has a reduced function or ability. The nature of the planet is malefic, even if this is the malefic in sect. But he is in his fall and ruled by the 8th house ruler Jupiter. So this leak causes death.

Saturn is in a fire sign, describing radiators, ovens, fires or motors and electrical devices. There was a oven in the little garden house which was working, while the teenagers had a party.

The dispositor of Saturn is Jupiter. He is in an air sign, in the exaltation of Saturn, both are thus in mutual reception. Jupiter is naturally warm and moist, so he describes warm air, but this air is toxic, as he is in asect with Satunr and the 8th house ruler.

My conclusion is that the 6 young people died from monoxyde intoxication.

We will see the laboratory analysis report in the media. RIP, youngsters…



  1. This analysis has shown to be correct. Today the German Spigel reported, that the cause of the death was a carbon monoxide intoxication.

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