Pied Piper of Hameln

[:en]A few days ago, I decided to go with the kids to our annual village festival. We live close to the main square and thus it was only a small walk of some 500 m. But my cats decided to follow us.

So this was  me, my three kids and my two cats. Also the kitten wanted to follow us, but I sent it home. Wow, it listened to me! The other two did not, of course.

If people have seen us, they must have believed me some kind of Pied Pipers of Hameln, all of us walking one behind the other on the road. But yet, this was not really funny, because the last time my cats followed me on the street, we lost one of its. Actually, I lost a lot of cats on that road. It’s not a question of high traffic (not at all) but about Italian Formula One pilots. Everybody here, who sees at least a 300 m long road, speeds up. I was afraid, we would loose another cat for this reason. Nothing to do, we all arrived together on the main square. There was a big crowd and loud music. Me and the kids entered the house of friends, while I saw one of the cats under a parking and empty car, waiting for us. When we left the house, no cat anymore there. I thought good, they’ve gone home.

Hours later, when we crossed that square again, one cat was still waiting for us, the other had disappeared. But it wasn’t at home either. Nor the morning after.

So I asked myself the question, if the cat was still alive and would come back.

The cat is represented by the 6th house in Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter. The major benefic. He is retrograde and mutally applying to the Moon, who represents myself. This was a great relief, the cat would come back. Since Jupiter is also angular, the cat would come back soon. I also saw that the Moon had just left a sextile to the Sun (life) and that Jupiter was in mutual reception with Saturn, the ruler of the 8th, which represents some kind of life guarantee. Saturn and the Moon are also trine and thus do not have a serious conflict.

The Moon and Jupiter are only at a 3° distance, so I was pretty sure, the cat would come back after three hours, the smallest time unit.

But it did not. At dinnertime, it was still not at home. I wondered if the 3° might point to days, but saw no sense in this, since an application to a planet in an angular house describes quickness. While I was close to file for an astrological divorce, my family was just worried.

While still having dinner, the same day at 21.26 CED the cat just said miaow on the glassdoor, in perfect shape, as nothing had happend.

It was not the Moon’s 3° distances from Jupiter, which indicated the time…

The transit MC and Fortune were exactly conjunct the cat’s significator in the 4th house of the horary (home) and the transit AC was very close to the 6th house.

Astrology always amazes me.[:]

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