Orlando massacre- 50 deads

[:en]At 2.02 a man entered the Pulse night club in Orlando (Florida) armed with an automatic rifle and a handgun and took all the guest  hostages. 50 were killed, many injured. The massacre is reported being the worst ever in the history of the US.Orlando massacre in gay nightclub

Look at that AC ruler which describes the killer . He brings death (Mars ruler 1st and 8th). At the end he also looses his own life.

The Moon separates from a conjunction with Jupiter. The New York Times reports that police supposes an islamic terror background. Secret terrorgroups are descibed by the 12th house, “religious” motivs by the 9th house, both ruled by Jupiter. 

The Moon translates its light to a square to the Sun, ruler of the 5th (dancing people) and then to a sextile with Mars (death). An incredibly descriptive chart.

How is it possible that in the U.S you can enter a shop, buy a an automatic assault rifle and then kill innocent people?  NJT quotes: “Defenders of the firearm say it is misguided to blame a gun that is used by millions of owners across the country in a responsible manner.” This  statement is ridicule and horrendous!!!!!

There seems to be still more to know about it…there was a second attack (thankfully without victims) at a gay pride in LA. Police is considering eventual connections.[:]

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