A  horoscope is the calculation of the astronomical positions for the moment of birth, which includes the information of the rising sign at the eastern horizon. It is based on geographical coordinates of the place of birth and its exact time.

The geometrical figures drawn on the celestial sphere by the planets do have a concret signification in the life of the native, comparable to a lifescript.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of your personal lifescript and  see which will be the main themes or targets for you in the next future, or if you wish to know why certain problems have come up repeatedly in the past and how they might be resolved, you can book a session with me. It is recommended to define in advance which kind of problem or argument the consultation should focus on.

The interpretation of a natal chart costs 150 € and requires about 1.5 hours.  The consultation can be given by person, telephone or skype, either in English, Spanish, German or Italian. The consultations via skype or phone have to be paid in advance.

I use multiple techniques for chart delineation, such as transits, progressions, solar returns or profections.