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On June 16th at 12. 53 GMT  at Birstall (UK), Member of UK Parliament Jo Cox was attacked with knifes and a gun by mental ill Thomas Mair and died soon afterwards from her injuries. She was only in her early 40ies. Jo Cox was against the Brexit movement and urged Britains to stay in the EU.

I’d like to express my condolences to all of her family and friends.

Jo Cow shot death

I use Whole sign houses.

Jo is represented by the ruler of the 1. House in Virgo and its ruler Mercury. Her killer is represented by the 7th house in Pisces and its ruler Jupiter.

Jupiter is in the 1st house. He is usually considered the major benefic, but in this chart his negative connotations are magnified because of the presence in his sign of depression.

Interestingly, he is in his own terms. I wonder if this might describe that he was not 100% responsible for what he did due to his mental illness??? I’d like to know your opinions about this point. Either way, we see Neptune in opposition which also shows cognition problems.

Jupiter also rules the 4th house, which in traditional astrology is associated with “the end of things” and the “grave”.  This means that Jo Cox and “grave” are associated in this event chart.

Jupiter is conjunct Mizar at 0 37’which, if badly afflicted, can be connected with calamities. Martial in nature, it can bestow courage and valor or violence and aggression. (Quote Janus Software).

In this case, Jupiter is besieged between a separating square from Saturn at 12° and an applying sextile from retrograde Mars in Scorpio. The latter is also the malefic out of sect and thus more evil. No surprise, he rules the 8th of death. What is also quite fitting, is that Mars also rules the 3rd of neighborhood and communication, an interesting connection as Cox was against the Brexit movement and represented those who wanted to stay in the EU. Mars is in Scorpio, a fixed sign which describes the tendency to“not move”. It’s still a Marsian sign, describing conflicts and battles (hopefully for a common goal). But the house connection 8-3 shows, that her death is associated with the pro Europe movement.

Mercury is elevated in the 10th house, Cox was supposed to hold a public speech nearby later on this day. She is represented as very strong in her own sign, literally at the culmination in her career. Symbolically, Mercury is moving towards the MC (her public presentation), but is (somewhat widely )opposed by retrograde Saturn. In Hellenistic Astrology this is seen as “maltreatment”.

Let’s now have a look at the Moon.

She is also in the 3rd house, as the Moon depicts the emotional underpinnings of events, this shows once again the question of (European) neighborhood. She rules the 1st of groups or political ideas. There is no other major separative aspect in the actual sign, so we do not know what happened before that event. The next aspect the Moon accomplishes is a trine to Neptune in the 7th- ,an action which has to do with illusions, not understandings or some kind of “drugged” mind. The aspect after this is  a sextile to Jupiter, the killer. Only after that, the Moon aspects the AC (Cox), Pluto (her battle between life and death) and finally Mars, bringing death.






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