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2 thoughts on “(English) What are “sects” and why are they so important in traditional astrology?”

  1. How would a Scorpio Mars in the Seventh House behave in a diurnal chart? Also, what about Venus in the Twelfh?

    1. Hi Leo, this is a good question. Mars in a daytime chart is considered to be the malefic out of sect, in other words, the planet that will cause you more trouble. His angular position makes him strong. However, he is in his own sign, which helps, so he is dignified and will bring his issues through. In this case, this can be intense and demanding (business-)relationships in which you are asked to deal with your own hidden potentials, come to terms with rage and anger, jealousy and other adrenaline related issues. You are projecting your Mars onto others and will get the results, either good or bad. However, since Mars is a ncturnal planet and you have a daytime chart, it will be more difficult to get to the core of your Mars issues. Things represented by planets out of sect can bring success but it will not last long and are more difficult to realize. These are very general statements, since I don’t know your chart. But check for the Position of your first house ruler Venus and check her relationship to Mars. Just as a side tip, Mars sends its antiscium into your 10th WSH and thus links your job with your relationships. So to which extend do your relationsships influence your job?

      As for Venus in the 12th then you need space and time for your own. If Venus rules your 1st house, then there is more struggle to bring things forward as if it was a nighttime Venus, but sect does not deny success, so you will need to analyse the entire chart.

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