Will I have children?

The client wished to have children but was worried if she would ever become pregnant.

The client is described by the Ascendant (AC) in Libra and its ruler Venus (CA p. 147) The planet is in the 10th house in Cancer, a fertile sign (CA p. 89, 95). Venus happens to be in the last degrees of the sign, which means that something about her situation is going to change soon.

A pregnancy is symbolized by the 5th house and its ruler (CA, p. 53). The cusp is in Aquarius, which is a human sign and considered particularly fertile by Dorotheus (Dorotheus, p. 56). Its ruler Saturn is in its detriment in Cancer in the face of Venus. Saturn generally describes delays and difficulties (CA, S. 237). Also, Uranus (sudden changes) and Mars are located here. While Mars is generally considered a malefic, in this chart he describes the husband of the querent as the ruler of the 7th house. The planet is in his own triplicity and thus strong. Both partners do want to have a child: Mars has just left a trine in Cancer to Saturn. Since I would consider Mars as descriptive the male seed, in this case, this trine is very positive.

The Moon is the co-significator of the querent and naturally descriptive of babies. She disposes of Saturn (ruler 5th house, pregnancy). She describes the way how events unfold. The Moon is in her own sign and in the 10th house, separating from a trine to Mars (husband) and transferring light to Venus (querent). This is a perfect indication of a positive outcome of the question. The distance between Moon and Venus is 4°38’, which in this case makes more sense to translate into months since the nature of Saturn as the ruler of the 5th rather excludes “speed” referred to as days or weeks. Thus, this aspect indicates pregnancy after less than five months.

Also Saturn (pregnancy) on the 10th house cusp (manifestation,  becoming “visible”). In traditional astrology, he usually is not that “welcomed” on the 10th house cusp, being a malefic. But in this case, he is in sect, rules pregnancy and is in a fertile sign. His message here is the upcoming responsibility.

Venus and Moon enter in combustion 5° after their conjunction. In traditional astrology, this is considered as a very very negative indication and generally as a rule that the querent will not obtain what she wishes. But in this case, Venus and Moon perfect their conjunction before entering in combustion. We see here an archetypical painting on the celestial sphere: The Sun and Venus, the two planets who never get separated for more than 48°, have been considered since ancient times as the divine couple, which now comes together in their celestial marriage. The Moon translates the Marsian energy (seed) to Venus (querent) and joints the Sun (spirit).

The Hellenistic astrologer Dorotheus of Sidon teaches, that if one wishes to have a child, Jupiter and his triplicities must be considered. Jupiter, the greater benefic, is in the 11th house (hopes and help), a strong position, following Dorotheus (Dorotheus, S. 208). He is also the ruler of the triplicity and in his own terms.

Jupiter,  will also make a conjunction with the lot of children at 27°11’ of Leo, the distance is nearly 4° (Dorotheus II Ch. 10).

The other triplicity ruler of Leo is the Sun, in his own sign in the 10th house. The Sun will sextile the AC after 9°.

The chart shows that the querent will have children and that a pregnancy within five months is highly probable.

 Outcome: Four months and 3 weeks after the question, on December 22, 2003, the client did a pregnancy test which resulted positive. The Moon-Venus application after 4°38’ had proved to be exact.


-CA William Lilly, Christian Astrology

-Dorotheus of Sidon Carmen Astrologicum, Pingree Translation