On March 23rd, 2020 the colossal container vessel Ever Given gets stranded in the Suez canal due to strong winds and blocks the canal. The container ship is more than 60 m high and 400 m long, weighting 200.000 tons, nearly the double of the famous half sunken Costa Concordia. With no harbor close, the vessel could not easily be emptied and the only option was to veer the giant in order to bring it back into deep waters.

The find the fixed sign Taurus rising, neatly squared by Saturn, the natural ruler of weight, is elevated. He is the ruler of the 9th house (journeys) and the 10th house (outcome), trined by Mars: the classical situation of driving with the parking  brakes on: neither back nor forth.  Venus, the AC ruler is in her detriment, combust in the 12th house.

The Moon has separated from Mercury, the ruler of the 6th house (damage, problems)  and is VOC in her current sign and only in large aspect to combust Venus. She is in the bounds of Jupiter (which describes the vessel as a colossus), but who is also in a fixed sign, not showing much movement either.  The huge economical damage of the blocked Suez Canal, with hundreds of ships waiting for a passage or else navigating around the Cape of Good Hope,  is indicated by Mars conjunct the North Node in the 2nd house.


On March 29th, around 4.30 local time (source: BBC) the vessel is reported to be free, six days after  the accident. A mutable sign is rising: things are moving. The hour ruler is Venus, who is exalted in Pisces, and who also rules the AC in the event chart of the accident.

Shortly after the conjunction with the Sun (helped by the rising sea level), the Moon has entered her waning phase and trines Mars in the 3rd house of movement and travel, triggering his power, while she also trines Saturn, maybe the winds are helping now or the weight of the ship can be used in its favour. However, the AC ruler Jupiter is still in a fixed sign, so we will need to see how quickly the canal will be really navigable for the more than 300 waiting vessels.

In the bewheel we can see how perfectly the two charts combine (inner chart accident, outer chart moment when vessel is free).

The AC of the moment in which the Ever Finder is free, is exactly conjunct Mercury, the 6th house ruler (damage)  in the event chart. Obviously Mercury is also the natural ruler of every movement. A great trine is formed between Mars, Saturn and the Moon.

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