What is Horary Astrology?

Do you have a persistent question in your head for which you need an answer?

I cast a chart for the exact moment I fully understand your question and its context. Applying the rules of traditonal astrology, I will evaluate the significators of the chart in relation to the content of your question and then prepare a written report of 2-3 pages which also includes the chart.

Here you can check the cost for an horary and book an horary analysis with me. You have never seen an horary analysis and would like to see what it looks like? Click here.

Which kind of question can be asked?

Nearly every kind, as far as the question is asked sincerly and after having reflected upon it.

Some examples:

“Does the house I intend to buy does have hidden defects?” “How will my son be at the summer camp?” “Is my partner faithful?” “Is my daughter save with my partner from whom I am going to separate?” “Will I still have contacts with XY?” “Will I get this job?” “Should I chose this faculty/course?“ “Should I try to get independent (leave my work)?” “Will I have children?” “Is my illness serious?” “Where is my purse?” “Has this object been stolen?”

This list could be continued endlessly. It often happens, that in the chart do come up unaspected details which put things into a new light. This is why the answer  is never a simple „yes“ or „no“, but generally offers guidance in a difficult situation for the client.

Horaries are exciting!

Questions can lead us to a profound introspective, depending on the kind of question. In the case of an horary drawn for the aquisition of a house, it might come up, for example, that is has been built too close to a water source or that its price is too high or else will gain value soon. Salva Salva Salva