I had been on a long walk into the woods and was checking the news on my mobile. On the one hand, France has so hugely increasing Covid numbers that they are considering a hard lockdown, on the other hand, in Italy we have not really come out of lockdown at all and only after Eastern (during which the entire country has been declared a “red zone) the government wants to open the first year of the hight school (the elementary is already opened). So the question came up spontaneously. Is the worst over? I was optimistic, after one year of  ontinuous ”stayhome”…

The chart is not radical, but touches a sensible point in my own chart which is why I consider it nevertheless, even though I take notice of the warning. Jupiter is the hour ruler and also the bound ruler of the AC but he is in the 6th.

The first thing I noticed is the ruler of the 8th house, the malefic out of sect, Mars just on the MC. He is actually at his farthest latitude North and out of bounds. He is also magnified by the presence of the North node and dignified only by his decan. He is in the bounds of a benefic, but Venus is in her detriment and on the cusp of the 8th house. He receives her in his domicile. Venus rules the 9th house of travel  and she is moving toward Mars.  This is not promising well for people who plan to go abroad. (In Italy you can take the plane to you to Spain, but you are not allowed to see your parents in another region!).

Covid is described by the 6th house and its ruler Saturn. He is in a fixed sign, not moving away and strong. His presence in the 5th signs indicated all places of gathering and fun time as possibly dangerous. The Sun, ruler of the 12th house is going to sextile Saturn, both are in each other’s detriment and the Sun is on the 8th house cusp. Jupiter, the benefic in sect, is in the 6th , he has only participating triplicity rulership in Aquarius but is below the horizon by day, in the bounds of Mars and in a cadent house, which makes him rather an accidental malefic in this place, showing easily or quick spreading illness or simply uncaring or too confident  people.

Mercury is in his fall and in the hands of others. (We are all manipulated to some extend in this crisis). He has separated from Mars and is not in orb with any other planet.

Mars is going to trine Jupiter in the 6th house. Since Mars rules death and Jupiter people, this is not a positive indication.

The Moon is in her fall, in the place of communication, siblings and short travel. She has separated from Saturn (illness) and is now going to square Jupiter, the ruler of the 7th house, “People”  (spreading covid)  and then Mercury, the ruler of the AC and the MC and thus the disposer of Mars.

We will still need patience.


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