In part one of this article I have analyzed  the opening of the polls using horary techniques. In this second part I will use traditional techniqes such as Solar Revolutions, Profections and Circumabulation through the Bounds.



Trump is in a 3rd house profection (see the orange dot) and Venus is the Lady of the year. She is in Cancer in the 12th house of hospitals or hidden enemies, in the bounds of Jupiter (the ruler of the 8th of death/defeat/difficult challenges), quick, western and with northern latitude. [1] ( Fig. 1 illustrates how the profected house is shown in Janus).

Venus rules Trump’s 10th house of career and is conjunct Saturn, ruler of the 6th (illness, bureaucracy) and 7th (partnerships) who is in his depression and peregrine (illegal matters). Saturn is in the exaltation of Jupiter, ruler of the 8th (death, taxes, credits) and Jupiter is in Saturn’s exaltation (mutual reception).

Venus is in the 10th house in relation to the profected AC (the angular houses in relation to the profected AC are marked by blue dots).

Venus closely sextiles the MC while she is in aversion to the malefic out of sect Mars.

If we consider circumambulation through the bounds, we see that in Trump’s chart the directed AC has come to Libra and the bound of Mars is activated, within the profected 1st house (physical body).


Trump’s Solar Revolution

In his Solar Revolution, Trump has Cancer is rising, activating his natal 12th house (hospitals or illegal matters). We see that the AC in Cancer is the 10th house (success, power) counting from the profected AC in Libra, which makes this year particularly crucial for Trump. Even more so if we consider that the AC ruler Moon is conjunct the ruler of the MC, Mars, pointing to some kind of relatioship between his physical well being and power. Mars is supported by a sextile from his dispositor Jupiter, who is received in Mars’ exaltation, granting Trump success either through illness or bureaucratic issues (Jupiter L6) that play out is his favour. American electors don’t vote directly for their president but through the electoral college. Every federal state has a certain number of so called “big electors”, who are usually asked to vote for that candidate who has obtained more votes in their state but they are not bind to it and can go against it. This can create a situation in which the popular vote is not the same as the vote of the Electoral College. In extreme situations the final decision of who the winner is, is up to the Supreme Court, astrologically identified with the 9th house. From this point of view, Trump (L1) is brought to power (L10) in the 9th house.

The Lady of the year, Venus, is retrograde and in the 12th house and peregrine, extremly afflicted in the place associated with hospitals or hidden and unclear circumstances. However, she will soon turn direct again, gaining strength. She turns direct at 5° Cancer, when her antiscium to the AC is perfect. She is apparently approaching a trine to Saturn in the 8th (death), but turns direct before it becomes exact, which looks much like turning the wheel around in the last second before the crash.

If we use circumambulation through the bounds, we see that Trump’s directed Ascendant has reached the bound of Mars in Libra, in the profected 1st house. Mars is in the 9th house, essentially strong and conjunct the AC ruler Moon. This year’s purpose is to show foreign nations, the Supreme Court and /or church representatives to which degree he can play off somebody against somebody else. He plays Poker (Mars L5) and wins: Jupiter, the ruler of the 9th house is in his fall and retrograde, too weak to show resistance.

His adversaries are described by Saturn, essentially strong but defeated (either physically o politically) in the 8th house while retrograde and in aversion to the AC ruler Moon. We also see Jupiter in the 7th house, who rules illness, wh is being applied by the Moon. Jupiter is retrograde (remission, lacking strength) and will soon turn direct (gain strength). Covid 19 will come forcefully back on Trump’s agenda.



Joe Biden is in a 6th house profection year (see fig. 2).

The Lady of the year is Venus, who is strongly afflicted by being in her detriment and combust in the 12th house. Since she has nearly no latitude, she is completely invisible and opposes the profected AC in Taurus, which makes her act in some way against her own interests. Her next aspect is an opposition to Saturn.

Using circumambulation through the bounds, we see that the directed Ascendant has reached Aquarius and the bound of Mars. Mars is essentially strong but afflicted in the cadent 12th house. However, Aquarius is the 10th house form the profected AC. He trines the exalted Jupiter, ruler of his 1st and 4th house by sign but the aspect is lost before it perfects which is why it is of no real help in Biden’s run for presidency.

Biden’s AC is in Sagittarius. It’s ruler Jupiter is exalted but retrograde and in the difficult 8th house. This seems to be a contradiction: Some kind of gain through loss. Biden’s MC is ruled by Mercury, who also rules the 7th of his opponents. Mercury is peregrine and in the 12th house in Scorpio, making him the perfect keeper of powerful secrets. Mercury is going to trine the exalted Jupiter, while Mercury  is already combust.

Let’s now check Biden’s Solar Revolution. Since his birthday is in late November, his 2019 chart should show either election or defeat.

We find Virgo rising. Its ruler Mercury, who also rules the MC (power) is in his own bound but in a cadent house, moving toward the 8th house ruler Mars, although the conjunction will be prevented since he turns direct before it takes place. I a certain way he risks a defeat that will not take place. However, Mercury opposes the profected Ascendent in Taurus, causing him trouble by aggressive or manipulated news (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio).

The Lady of the year, Venus, is peregrine in the 4th house, which describes one’s own home or “end of things”. She opposes the house of power (10th) and is in the 8th from the profected AC in the bounds of the malefic out of sect, Saturn, while she is applying to the ruler of the 8th counting from the profected AC, Jupiter.

Mars, Biden’s boundruler of the directed AC, and lord of the 8th, is in the 3rd and sextiles the Moon, the natural ruler of the body, who is also in the 1st house.

The Moon in Biden’s 1st house has just separated from Mars, the ruler of his 8th house and sextiles now the MC ruler Mercury (power), but the latter is in the Moon’s fall and retrograde, not suggesting real power.

Conclusion: Both charts show trouble and hardship. While Trump’ s chart seems to describe a hard time physically, Biden’s chart does not really describe the take over of power but rather a last second change of program.


[1] Planets having northern latitude were judged to be more powerful than those having southern latitude. See Bonatti, Book of astronomy, Cazimi press 2009, p. 817

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