Brexit: An horary view on the UK referendum

On June 23th, the UK will vote if to stay in the European   Community or to leave.

The poll stations open at 7.00 o’clock am and close at 10.00 pm. As an horary astrologer, I work with the starting time of the elections rather than with their closure, as we want to see what happen within these 13 hours and what will be its outcome.

I use whole sign houses and apply traditional techniques.

The AC in Cancer and its ruler Moon describe the current situation, this is the UK as a member of the EU, and thus the movement in favor to stay.

The Brexit movement, which wants to leave the EU, is represented by the 7th house and its ruler Saturn.

First of all we note cardinal angles in this chart, describing something new to come up, or at least a strong and possibly surprising competition.

The AC in late degree depicts a situation which is going to change. It will then switch into Leo, a fixed sign, its ruler Sun is in the first house, suggesting a change of power. Leo, and especially the Sun, are associated with individuality and doing things “one’s own way”, not fitting with a community membership but rather with independency.

The”European movement” is represented by the Moon, in a fixed sign, perfectly describing their wish not to change the current situation. The Moon is peregrine and thus depicted as weak. To “stay” in Europe and to accept its rules, is not appealing to many people or maybe not convincing them perfectly.

As the Sun, ruler of the 2nd is in the 1st house, one reason to stay is of economical nature. The main other motivation is shown by Venus, also in the 1st house. She is the benefic in sect of favor, but still combust.

As she naturally describes wealth and resources, these might have been become less lately and now present an issue. Venus rules the 11th  of communities and (common) ideals, as well as the 4th house, in mundane astrology associated agricultural or mining products, but in horary astrology, less positively, also with “the end of things”.

The Moon is in the 8th house which describes, that the stay option is in danger and risks to lose the election. She is received by the ruler of the 8th house, which in a case of illness shows the patient will not die, which would grant some chance here, but the Moon will now also apply its dispositor and ruler of the 8th, Saturn, who is also the malefic out of sect in favor.

Furthermore, the Moon is overcome by Mars (sign based aspects). Mars is the malefic in sect of favor and strong in its own sign. From an Hellenistic point of view, this overcoming is a very bad indication since a square describes the conflicts and difficulties which dominate, in this case, the European movement.

Since the Moon is in Aquarius, it is ruled by Saturn, the opposite party. Saturn is peregrine, retrograde, in a house which is not configured with the AC. A point in favor is the applying sextile between the Moon and its dispositor, still, a sextile is not very strong.

Mars is the ruler of the 10th, the winning of the referendum and Mars is in his own domicile and a good house. For sure, it might also describe the recent violence involving Jo Cox, which sadly brought some vote to the pro Euopeans, but possibly not enough. And Mars is trining the AC.

Let’s now analyze the position of the see the Brexit movement in the chart.

Saturn is retrograde in the 6th house: Brexit wants to break binding contracts with the EU and “abandon “ its membership. Contracts and rules as daily issues are described by the 6th house. Saturn is also peregrine and in a bad house, as the Moon is.

Saturn is in a movable sign, which depicts its goals: to move away from the EU. Saturn, the malefic out of sect in favor is overcome by Jupiter.

Jupiter is the major benefic, even if out of sect and placed in his detriment. He is also conjunct the North node. Saturn is also ruled by Jupiter, who is in a house which is configured with the ascendant, which is a very positive indication in this chart.

Let’s come back now to the applying Mon/Saturn sextile.

The Moon has mean speed, Saturn is quick. As the latter is retrograde, he also moves towards the Moon, which represents the actual situation on the one hand, but also the unfolding events generally. As Saturn depicts frustration, this aspect is difficult for the European movement and causes frustration.

The lot of fortune is in the 9th house (foreign countries). It is ruled by Jupiter, who overcomes Saturn and is in not aspect with the Moon.

I think this referendum will be a very close result as both planets are in difficult positions and thus afflicted. But at the end, Great Britain will vote to leave the European Community and Brexit will win.


  1. Thanks for putting up the chart – and it was very brave of your predicting Brexit with the betting firms and the polls suggesting a vote for Remain. It would be much easier to predict Remain at this stage! As far as the system you are using is concerned, would you accept that the 11th House rules legislatures, or do you regard that as a relative modernism? In the chart you put up, the dead Member of Parliament would appear to be shown – Venus in Cancer ruler of the 11th, combust in the 1st House. And she was a Cancerian. In other words, dominating the tone of the election. Of course, the combustion is fading, Venus moving faster than the Sun.

    1. Hi Archie, thanks for your comment.This is a good question indeed. The 10th house represents the power, the goverment. I would to refer to this house as for the “legislature”, not the 11th. The 11th is rather the money of the goverment (2nd from the 10th).
      It is interesting to see that the 10th is ruled by a retrograde planet. The legal force in charge (stay movement) was going to loose the referendum (and inderectly the power, as Camore resigned nearly immediately afterwards) but the Brexit movement, once won the referendum, started to escape from taking responsability! This said, yes I do believe that Cox is shown in the chart. I would not that much consider Venus as the 11th house ruler, but rather as the typical ruler of women. As Venus is highlighted by her angular position in the 1st house, this tells us about her part in the play. Brexit lost many consense after Cox death. Otherwise it would have won, probably, more clearly. Cox was shot for her (political) ideals and here you see the 11th house connection. Also consider that the Moon is in the 8th of losses (she was part of the Stay movement) and that her last aspect was a sextile to Mars (violence) and Venus only recently squared the MC.

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