On Tuesday, April 11th, 2017, three bombs exploded near to the team bus of the Borussia Dortmund soccer team. Fortunately, while the police describes the bombs as “professionally fabricated”, nobody died, but there were some casualties. The police is actually investigating in all directions, but while I am writing this, an Islamic background seems more likely.

Let’s have a look at the chart:

The terrorist can be identified with the 12th house and its ruler, as he was a “hidden enemy” and did not attack the team openly. It does not surprise to find Mercury in the 8th house of death: killing people was his explicit mission. Mercury is in the same sign as Mars, the natural ruler of bombs. Mercury has just left his station (waiting for an order to act?) and is now retrograde. In his actual sign, he will not make any aspect, even though he is already in orb with Saturn.

Saturn is the ruler of the 5th house, associated with games and sports, and represents the soccer team in this chart. He is in the 3rd house (transport mediums): the players were sitting in the bus, when the bombs exploded. Mercury (the killer) is approaching Saturn, they are pretty close.

What is interesting in this chart is, that retrograde Mercury is not exactly known for its precision. Before reaching the team, described by Saturn, Mercury has to leave its sign. Many traditional astrologers do not consider aspects out of sign. I normally do, if the aspect is in orb and direct. But here, Mercury moves retrograde towards retrograde Saturn, describing some kind of blind catch up, while there is a major obstacle: the sign boundary, the killer dismisses his targets.

So let’s analyze what the ruler of the 8th does, in order to see, if there is some other indication that the terrorist will not “fulfill” his mission.

Venus, the ruler of the 8th house (death), is exalted in the 6th house. She is also retrograde and nearly exactly square Saturn. This would mean death to the soccers. But, if we look at this square very closely, we see that Venus is already separative, even if only by seconds, from that square.

She is in aversion to Mercury, which disconnects the killer from his ability to kill, but even more important, she is also in aversion to the Moon.

Last but not least, we see Jupiter right on the Ascendant, surprising for a bomb chart, but very descriptive of the luck, the soccer team indeed had. Saturn (soccer team) is already in sextile with Jupiter and also overcome by it. Jupiter is the only angular planet and the benefic in sect. Some call him a Guardian Angel in such a case.

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