foto taniaTania Daniels, born in 1972 became interested in Astrology in 1998 and finished training in psychological astrology in 2002 at the Berlin school of the German Astrology Association (DAV).

In 2009 Tania started studying horary at the School of Traditional Astrology (STA) with Deborah Houlding (UK) and is now holding the STA Horary Diploma, approved by the Association of Professional Astrologers (APAI).

In 2015 Tania became involved in Hellenistic Astrology and finished her studies with Chris Brennan (USA) in early 2017. She has also enrolled in Robert Zoeller’s Medieval Astrology Course.

Tania’s articles have been published in German, English, Turkish and Italian in the main astrological journals. She is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain (AA) and ISAR.

Her other interests are Ayurveda, naturopathy, Kriya Yoga and Past Life Regression Therapy. Tania has three children and lives with her husband in Italy near Perugia.

She gives readings in Italian, German, English and Spanish, either in person or via Zoom.

Fees :

– Horary 60 € incl. 2-3pages of written analysis.

– Natal reading 150 €, duration  ca. 1, 5 h either in person or  via  Zoom.

Payment:  Via Paypal after via email confirmation .

In order to book a consultation or horary ananlysis with Tania , please fill in the form.