A constitutional referendum will be held in Turkey on Sunday, 16 April 2017.[1] Voters will vote on a set of 18 proposed amendments to the Constitution of Turkey. The amendments include the introduction of an executive presidency and a presidential system that would replace the existing parliamentary system of government, the abolition of the Office of the Prime Minister, the raising of the number of Parliamentary seats from 550 to 600 and changes in the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK). On 20 January 2017, Parliament voted to put forward the proposed amendments to a referendum with 339 votes in favour, surpassing the required three-fifths majority of 330 votes. The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) declared that they would seek to annul the parliamentary vote through the Constitutional Court, citing irregularities such as open voting and intimidation of MPs during the voting process.[1]

The chart is calculated for the opening of the polls at 8.00 a.m EET.[2]

Shortly: The head of state, who holds the executive power, is described by the ruler of the 10th house and its ruler. The AC and its ruler describe the government/ruling party, the DC describes  the opposition while the AC is given to the land of Turkey and its people.

I will analyze the charts of the opening of the poll, the Aries’ Ingress chart and Turkey’s foundation chart both with whole sign houses (WSH) as with quadrant houses (Regiomontanus). While I do consider quadrant houses for event charts, I prefer WSH for mundane charts.

General outlook of the chart:

I first observe the poll chart with whole sign houses (WSH) in order to get a general impression of the unfolding events. The angles are in moveable signs, which indicates the possibility of quick changes due to the adjustment of (already existing) events. Jupiter rules the 10th place and is retrograde, which describes the power of the president orientated backwards rather than forward. This can signify that he will be loosing power and influence, but also that he might not use (anymore) official ways to implement his power. Jupiter is not  making or receiving any aspects, which makes Turkey’s head of state appear to be quite  isolated. While Jupiter makes a sign-based aspect to the AC (the president’s party), there is no aspect with the ruler of the AC, Mercury, which might represent a lack of real consent.

Jupiter is in the 5th place of the radix, which Hellenistic Astrologers called “the place of good fortune”. In mundane astrology, it describes the ambassadors. In any case, the president in charge’s influence on ambassadors does not hold. The 5th place is also the 8th from the 10th place which indicates struggle and problems for the president.

As Jupiter is essentially debilitated, he indicates some kind of exaggeration or bottomlessness. Its dispositor Venus is retrograde stationary in the 10th house of power, still not moving but preparing to. Venus is exalted, but in the very last degrees, also indicating a change in the mood of the president’s supporters (Venus disposes of Jupiter, and she is in his domicile, even if we cannot speak of a mutual reception due to the lack of aspect). Venus is the triplicity ruler and the benefic out of sect and thus not as influential as she could be.

Quadrant houses:

Let us now look at the quadrant houses. The MC falls into Aquarius, and the Turkish president Recep Teyyib Erdogan is thus described by Saturn, which seems to be indeed very descriptive of him as he has, following astrodienst, the AC in Capricorn and Saturn elevated in his 10th house.[3]

Saturn is also retrograde, but angular, describing him as accidentally strong (he is the elected president), but essentially debilitated due to his retrograde motion. He next  apples to the Moon (natural ruler of the common people), He wanted to force  people to allow him more power, but doing so, he created fear. A Saturn/Moon conjunction describes oppression, lack of liberty, poverty, disadvantage. This  is a hard time for the people.  All this happens in the 7th house, in opposition to the ruling party. The Moon also rules the 2nd  house of economic resources, which will be threatened by Erdogan’s pressure and menaces on his (European) partners, worsening the situation for the citizens. As the Moon also rules the 3rd  house of communication, press and free opinion will be even more controlled if not shut down.

Then the Sun applies to Saturn by trine. The Sun rules the 4th  quadrant house and describes the “fatherland” as well as the end of matters. As the 4th house is opposed to the 10th, the president, it also represents the voters. The Sun is exalted in the 12th house, which makes me wonder if the very fact, that the elections are “anonymous” makes the people more free to express themselves without fear. Then the Sun and Saturn mutually apply: one had asked for the referendum (Erdogan, Saturn), and the electors (Sun) decided. This trine is about a decision of reduction rather than an increase of power.

The AC in Gemini describes the actual government, Erdogan’s AKP party, which promotes the referendum Its ruler Mercury is in the 12th house,  already under the beams during the referendum and going combust four days later on April 20th. This combustion actually happens considering both quadrant and WSH systems and describes a (neat) poll defeat. However, the 12th house is also the house of hidden enemies or hidden agreements, betrayals and things alike. Since Saturn aspects Mercury and the Sun in this house, I suppose that electoral fraud is to be taken into consideration.


Aries Ingress

We will now compare the event chart of the opening of the polls  with the recent  Aries Ingress chart.

As we see, the angles are cardinal. The Turkish president is described by the ruler of the 10th place, which is Mars. Mars is said to be “wild” as he makes no aspect to any of the planets. He is also the malefic out of sect and in detriment, this is opposing his own  sign and thus the 5th place. So he is creating conflicts with his alliances (Mars in the 11th place) and is in open contrast to his embassadors (and/or everything linked to fun and pleasure, 5th place). As he doesn’t make or receive aspects, he is isolated and risks to run out of control. But still, Mars is in a fixed sign which he just entered by 7°. Indeed, the referendum is not a presidential election, Erdogan is not supposed to resign, if he shall lose  the referendum.

The Moon is exactly conjunct Saturn in the 6th place, ruler of the 7th (opposition) and the 8th (oppression), which describes the oppression of the people and the oppositional party in the daily life and/or institutions of the government (6th place). She then changes sign (the condition of the people change). The Moon enters the sign of her detriment, so the situation is worsening. After this, the Moon squares  the elevated Sun, natural ruler of authority and the ruler of the 2nd place, repeating the economic problems we have already seen in the event chart.  Only after this, the Moon will trine Mars. This is a very malefic trine, in my opinion, as it has mutual reception by exaltation (Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus), while both planets are in their detriments. This is why I would expect very difficult tensions between the president and the citizen, also considering the Moon/Bellatrix conjunction, which makes the Moon more belligerent.

We also see retrograde Venus, dispositor of Mars, benefic out of sect and ruler or the 11th place of alliances, going combust. Turkey will lose consensus and support.

The Ingress chart supports a major isolation of President Erdogan, denying him more power, asked in the referendum, an electoral defeat which not necessarily will be recognized by the ruling party.


Annual profection

Before concluding this short analysis, I will look at Turkey’s annual profections and zodiacal releasing.

The above chart shows the proclamation of the Turkish Republic, which is now in its 94th year. 2017 will activate the 11th place and thus Venus. This highlights the planets in aspect with Venus in the foundation chart (Jupiter and the Sun) as well as the place/sign she is in (Scorpio/5th place).  Venus, the benefic in sect  is in her detriment in the foundation chart and still under the beams, doubtfully bonified by the benefic out of sect  and retrograde. So 2017 is described by a strange struggle of love and hate (Venus in Scorpio) , nationalistic issues (Venus ruler of the 4th), the resources from the past (2nd of the 4th), issues with other nations (Jupiter ruler 9th conjunct Venus) and economical questions (Sun ruler of the 2nd).

As we remember, in the Ingress chart, Venus is retrograde, in detriment and going into combustion. As she signifies (in the proclamation chart) alliances (11th place) and nationalism, as well as the end of things (4th place), this shows a major challenge. The profected Venus activates the 10th house of government in the Ingress chart and the 12th (hidden enemies) and the 6th (illness) in the poll chart. But more interestingly,  she disposes of Mars (Erdogan) in the Ingress chart and on both Mars and Jupiter in the poll chart.

 Zodiacal releasing

Applying zodiacal releasing, we can see that Turkey is in an Sagittarius Level 1 period, which started in July 2009, coinciding with Erdogan’s contention during the DAVOS conference with the Israelian Prime Minister Shimon Perez and the Freedom Flotillla accident.

In March 2016, Turkey entered an Aries  Level 2 period, which highlights the 10th house from Fortune, connected with the government.  This period coincides with the coup d’etat.

Just on the referendum’s day,  when the polls open, a new level 3 period begins, in Virgo, which is the 11th place from Fortune.  This urges Turkey once again to check its alliances, so much more as Mercury, ruler of the 11th place from Fortune, is exactly conjunct Saturn in the foundation chart. As Mercury also describes (free) speech and (different) opinions, this conjunction describes some kind of limitation, which is activated the very day of the referendum



I do think that Erdogan’s request of increased power will be rejected at the polls and the referendum  will  be lost.  But this will not release the pressure from the Turkish people, as Erdogan is a “wild card”. While he will not been given more power democratically, he might well find other ways to become a new Ottoman sultan.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_constitutional_referendum,_2017

[2] For some reason, Solar Fire does not calculate correctly EET, so I used BAT time. UTC is 5.a.m.

[3] http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Erdogan,_Recep_Tayyip . Please note that this chart only has a “C” rating.