My new article on the Infitity astrological Magazine is out. This is the most personal article I have ever published. It deals with a spontaneous past life regression, in which I found myself in a German concentration camp.

But it is especially about the connections with my “real” life, that I am living right now, which are to intriguing here. It is the story about many different puzzle pieces felt into place, days and even weeks after I had that experience as more and more information came up. It’s also the experience of a cronicle desease I was suffering from and its cure.

I do analyse my own chart in order to find a way to make that other lifetime out. In a certain sense, I am searching for the underlaying signitures. And I think, I found them.

This article is not about techniques and tools, but how we can gain understanding from very difficult issues letting us guide from our chart.

I want to thank holeheartly Joseph Crane for all his friendship and encouragement for making me this article publish. He generously offered himself to edit my article. What a chance and amazing opportunity. He also invited me to present this material last year at his course on “The recurring  and evolving  soul” at the Kepler college, which was the first time I got the opportunity to speak about this kind of experience to other astrologers.

I also want to thank Smiljana Gravancic  for her courage to publish this article- which is not easy, but a hard-to read stuff  – in the Infinity Astrological Magazine.

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